Create a low-carbon home, pay attention to design materials

With the promotion of low-carbon and environmental protection gradually gaining popularity, the home improvement market has also created a “low-carbon wind”. Many building materials merchants and home improvement companies have also branded “low-carbon building materials” and “low-carbon home decoration” to attract customers. However, for low-carbon home improvement, many citizens only stay in the low-carbon concept stage, and cannot propose specific environmental protection requirements for low-carbon concept, decoration design and material selection, and furniture. In this regard, Fang Ding Decoration General Manager Yu Hanyao believes that low-carbon home decoration not only reflects the environmental protection of home decoration design, environmental protection of decoration materials, but also reflects all aspects of decoration construction, but to truly achieve green, natural, healthy and low-carbon life, design and Material selection is two important factors.

Design is a prerequisite

At present, although low carbon is at the conceptual stage, energy conservation and environmental protection, which represent the core of low carbon, have become an important indicator for more and more people to choose home improvement products and designs. Yu Hanyao said that low-carbon life refers to the reduction of energy consumed in life, thereby reducing carbon emissions, especially carbon dioxide. To achieve low-carbon home improvement, design and material selection are two important considerations. He believes that the use of scientific and rational design and overall decoration, not only to minimize the energy consumption of the home, but also bring a healthier life.

In the luxury decoration, a large number of reliefs, ceilings, solid wood and natural stone are used to highlight the identity of the occupants; the simple decoration is complicated, and many extra structures are added in the decoration, and many flashy decorations are added. Yu Hanyao believes that the low-carbon decoration advocates the minimalist style decoration, the structure is changed as little as possible, and the fancy decoration is used less, so that the space can achieve reasonable comfort. In the process of home decoration, it can be lightly decorated and refurbished. Such as simple design style is the most reasonable key factor in home improvement energy saving, but simplicity is not equal to simple, as long as the design is thoughtful, the simple style can minimize the waste of materials in the home decoration, to maintain ventilation and air circulation, Reduce energy waste.

Even if there are many problems in the structure of the house, try not to make large-scale changes. The owner can communicate with the designer and solve or make up for it by other means. Decorate the use of partitions and other decorative techniques in the room, and try to use the space to achieve the effect. If you must use partitions, combine them with lockers, bookcases and other furniture as much as possible to reduce their chances of independence and increase indoor space.

Material selection is the key

"Low-carbon home improvement" is a new term, but it is not esoteric. “In simple terms, it is less consumption of decoration materials and less money.” Yu Hanyao said that in the whole low-carbon decoration, the material is the most critical, and the choice of decoration materials directly affects the energy-saving and environmental protection effects of home decoration.

According to reports, low-carbon materials must first meet the requirements of green environmental protection, some environmentally friendly materials such as adhesives, coatings, flooring and other natural ecological substances that do not contain toxic substances such as formaldehyde, lead, benzene, etc. are preferred; New materials such as solar energy can achieve energy saving and emission reduction goals. When using low-carbon materials, care should be taken to reduce unnecessary waste, try to make the best use of them, and use recycled materials as much as possible.

It is a waste to pile up decorative materials in the living space. Some designs that can be used or not are best simplified. Whether it is gypsum board, veneer, ceramic tile or marble, these decorative materials must release a large amount of carbon during production and use. . Therefore, reducing the use of these decorative materials is also a response to energy saving and emission reduction.

Water saving: use water-saving faucet and sanitary ware

The focus of water saving is to control the selection and installation of kitchen and bathroom equipment. It is best to install water-saving faucets and flow control valves, and use water-saving toilets and water-saving bathing appliances. The traditional idea is that using a shower is more water-saving, but from the actual application, installing a new type of energy-saving bathtub and using it with a shower will save water. At present, the faucets used in general household kitchens and bathrooms are all of a toggle type, and such a faucet is difficult to control the flow rate. Therefore, the flow control valve can be installed under the faucet of the cabinet and the bathroom cabinet, so that the water flow can be reasonably controlled according to the water pressure of the house, thereby achieving the purpose of saving water. In addition, the distance between the water heater and the water outlet should be shortened as much as possible, and the hot water pipe should be insulated.

Power saving: use energy-saving appliances, switches

Pursuing a low-carbon life is not a blind save and not a quality of life. Good quality of life and good living habits can also reduce carbon dioxide emissions. For example, an energy-saving lamp with 11 watts replaces 60 watts of incandescent lamps. For one hour of lighting, one energy-saving lamp reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 43.3 kilograms per year. In addition to choosing energy-saving lamps, try not to choose a chandelier that is too complicated in the living room; it is best to install an inductive lighting switch in the bathroom. In addition, try to choose energy-saving household appliances, rationally design wall sockets, minimize the use of wiring boards, and select sockets with control switches. It is not suitable for frequent plugging and unplugging when used normally.

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