Resolve office failure method

The involvement of the desk with the surrounding environment directly affects the development potential of the seat owner. If you want to avoid being dying to live, but the performance is not good, if you misunderstand it, the position of the desk must not be underestimated. Let's take a look at the office taboo.

First, which orientation is the office failure

1, facing the gate

Company staff, except the counter switchboard, if the seat is sitting next to the main import and export, or facing the gate, the party will bear the pressure of the company inside and outside.

Because the gate is the place where the company's various airflows must pass, plus people come and go, no one else will see what you are doing, that is, you will always pay attention to the outside dynamics. In addition to being easily distracted, the spirit may not be relaxed.

2, near the conference room

The conference room is the space for decision-making and planning in the company. Generally speaking, the gas field inside is more dignified, because the decisions made here will affect the future fate of the company. In addition, when discussing the agenda, it will inevitably lead to arguments, personnel struggles, and disruption of the atmosphere.

If the seat is in opposition to the conference room, the temper of the person may be destroyed and the work may not be smooth.

3. Before the seat of the supervisor

Sitting near this seat, you'd better practice a lazy fish and you won't be caught in the bag. Otherwise, the chief executive will look up and get up. What you are doing is completely clear.

In the workplace, sitting near the boss's office, doing well, you may become a big red man. But most of the time when the boss is angry, you are also the first to sweep to the end of the typhoon, who told you to be closest to him, of course, first pick you up.

Second, how to resolve the office failure

Then if the seat can't be changed, you have to find a way to solve the troubles. The specific method is as follows:

In order to solve the troubles, the crystal ore, such as the amethyst hole, the crystal column, the backbone crystal, etc., which are carved without being honed, is most effective.

Sitting on the decline, a crystal is placed on the desk, and then a piece of paper is prepared. The red pen is used to write "Taishan Stone Dare", which is attached to the crystal, and is directly baked with a lighter or a hair dryer. The red paper is warmed up, so that the magnetic field of "Taishan Stone Dare" stabilizes the fortune into the crystal.

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