New Challenges in the Label Processing Industry - Rotary Dies

The industry's quality requirements for labels have gradually become in line with international standards; market competition has become increasingly fierce, foreign capital has taken over China, and civilians have been chasing after them; various types of rotary machines and printing methods have been promoted; China's policy of expanding domestic demand has caused substantial increase in processing costs. .

Past and future of rotary dies

The application of round-pressing dies in Europe and the United States has a history of 40 to 50 years. The application of round-pressing dies in Asia has also been more than 20 years. The promotion and application of round-pressing dies in China has been in the past more than ten years. (1 ) increase in the number of tags, (2) increase in the quality of tags, (3) application of automatic labeling machines, (4) promotion of rotary machines, (5) market competition and delivery, (6) increase in costs and costs .

Round die cutting - trends in the label processing industry

The current status of label die cutting: flat die cutting, gap type rotary die cutting, full turn die cutting, laser die cutting, inline die cutting, off-line die cutting.

Flexible knife VS round knife

Engraving round knives once occupied most of the market share of rotary die-cutting tools; due to the advantages of flexible knives, from the West to the East, the rotary die-cutting tools have gradually shifted from the use of traditional engraved circular knives to the trend of flexible blades; The changes and the widespread use of automatic labeling machines have played a role in boosting the use of flexible blades; engraving round blades in long labels, special materials, or electronic labels, RFID, tags, etc. The application of industrial products and stationery products in rotary die cutting still has its special advantages and various applications.

Flexible blade advantages

Product Cost: Flexible blade is 1/3 to 1/4 of engraved round knife;

Freight costs: 0.5 to 1 kilogram for flexible blades and packages, and 10 to 30 kilograms for round knives;

Delivery time: Flexible blade average 2~3 days, complex work 3~4 days; Engraving round knife 5~8 days;

Accuracy: Flexible blades from etching, CNC engraving to surface special treatment are all done by precision machines. In most cases, manual trimming or sharpened edges are not required. As a result, the integrity of the cut marks is improved, and the accuracy of the label size is greatly improved.

Round press mold use and maintenance - pressure method, waste method

• Heat generated during high speed operation

• Leveling and rounding of the batter

• Update of gears and bearings

• Lubrication and rust prevention

• properly placed

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