Must know the common sense of Feng Shui, these habits will attract bad luck.

First, life is irregular.

I have been eating for a long time, I have been sleeping for a long time, I love to stay up late, and my spirits are full of insomnia and dreams. I am mad and my god is difficult to gather. The performance is externally sluggish, my lips are bloodless, and people are flat and weak. The work is slow, the thinking is rigid, the final career is difficult, and there is a crisis in the work.

Second, the wayward Hu Wei.

In the age of modernity, this is very common. If you don’t like eating in life, you don’t like to do it. If you don’t like to watch it, people who don’t like it will not make it. When choosing a marriage partner, it is based on your own unilateral preferences, either by framing external conditions or by confessing emotional illusions. Most of these people are cultivated from a young age. There is no correct direct life-oriented goal. The eyebrows are picking up, the eyebrows are narrow and have mixed praises, the brows are scattered, the ears are high or the wind is blowing, and the face is fleshy or explicit. The end result of this is that life has gone a lot of detours and frustrations.

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