Panel furniture materials

The most important material for panel furniture is the standard board for industrial production. It is 2.44 meters long and 1.22 meters wide. There are many thickness specifications and a wide variety of materials . Only a few common ones are introduced here.

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There are two kinds of low-density fiberboard and medium-density fiberboard. Generally, medium-density fiberboard is used. The thickness is 15mm, 18mm is suitable for wardrobes, bookshelves, etc., and 3-5mm is used for non-bearing plates, such as drawer bottoms.

The fiberboard is characterized by low density, easy to get wet, and large processing dust. Vertical processing (such as screwing, opening, etc.) is easy to crack. If there is no table saw or bench drill, it is not recommended to use fiberboard DIY.

Moisture proof board

The moisture-proof board is added with a certain proportion of moisture-proof particles (generally green) in the production process of the substrate. The melamine board mentioned by Muyou in the forum is the moisture-proof board. The common moisture-proof board is the heavy-duty particle board + moisture-proof particles + melamine hot pressing. Made of decorative surface, the thickness is generally 16mm, suitable for cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other damp furniture, of course, wardrobes, bookshelves, shoe cabinets can also be.

The density of the moisture-proof board is larger than that of the fiberboard, the moisture-proof performance is much higher than that of the fiberboard, and it is not easy to crack, which is more suitable for DIY.


The blockboard is also called a large core board, and the upper and lower surfaces are two veneers. Compared with the fiberboard and the moisture-proof board, the blockboard has the characteristics that the surface of the standard board is flat and not easy to be deformed, and has the characteristics of natural wood board, and the nail holding force is good, and the nail nail can be used for jointing.

The general decoration company will use blockboard, which uses a nail gun to join the fast and efficient. For DIY, I have not found any advantages for this board.


The plywood is made of multi-layered thin wood boards and is pressed and pressed. It is usually three or five layers, so it is also called plywood and plywood. Due to the use of vertical and horizontal gluing, the physical and mechanical properties of the plywood in the longitudinal and transverse directions are almost the same, which is obviously superior to the natural wood. At the same time, the natural wood board retains the good nail holding force and can be joined by nails.

Plywood is suitable for hard-wearing furniture. There are many wooden friends in the forum who use plywood to make tool tables and saws for electric circular saws to change table saws.

Glulam and finger joint

These two materials are consistent with the performance of solid wood. It is equivalent to the factory to put the wood into a wide board. It is generally used by wood friends who like solid wood and don't want to build their own boards. I have never used them.

Surface finish

The surface treatment of panel furniture is generally veneered, and paint is rarely used. Several commonly used veneer materials are introduced here.

Fireproof board

The fireproof board is a decorative board made of a silicon material or a calcium material as a main raw material, mixed with a certain proportion of fiber materials, lightweight aggregates, binders and chemical additives, and subjected to autoclaving technology.

The fireproof board is generally used for the outer surface of the panel furniture, the thickness is generally about 1mm, the appearance is very variety, and the decorative characteristics are more obvious than the fireproof characteristics.

Edge banding

Edge banding The edge of the panel of the user's panel furniture is edged with PVC edge banding, metal edge banding, thin wood edge banding, etc.

Wood grain paper

Wood grain paper has been used more in the past, and now generally uses fireproof boards.



This is very common, when using screw joints, fiberboard and moisture barriers use fiberboard screws, and other wood screws that are close to solid wood properties.

Three-in-one connector

The three-in-one connector consists of three parts: eccentric part, connecting rod and embedded part. It is convenient and beautiful on furniture, durable and can be disassembled many times. It is used by many furniture manufacturers. Personal DIY can also be used but it needs to be fixed. The technology generally does not have bench drills and drills. To install a three-in-one connector, it is necessary to drill three holes in the exact position of the two plates, and the depth cannot be too much deviation. It is difficult to use the hand drill. The efficiency is also low.

Dark hinge

The door that is opened to the outside needs to use a dark hinge, which has full cover (full cover), half cover (half cover, half open), and full open (built in). Generally, the outermost door of the cabinet uses full cover. Hinge, the middle door uses a half-hinged hinge, and the built-in door requires a full-open hinge.

Door guide

The sliding door is made to be used, and it is installed at the upper end or at the lower end, and is used as needed.

Drawer rail

It is used in the installation of drawers. There are two types of pulley type (two sections) and ball type (three sections). The pulley type is cheaper and has noise. The ball type is more expensive but it is very smooth and no noise when pushing and pulling.


Drawers, door handles, a wide variety, according to personal preferences.

Laminate support

Also called the plate support, the shelf support of the bookshelf, the shoe cabinet and the shelf is used, and the position of the laminate can be adjusted, and the types are also more.

Chemical materials

White latex

Fireproof board and log raft are used together.

Universal glue

Use the edge strips.

There are many types of glue, and it is not necessary to use the above glue. There are examples of glue used in the forum.

I have not used paint, water-based paint, etc., I will not introduce it here.

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