Must know the love of home Feng Shui love on the road

Is n’t the road to love smooth? Maybe, you just chose the wrong place to talk about love. You know, Feng Shui is also about love. Love is fortunate, perhaps in the corner of the room, perhaps in the most intimate bedroom - no matter where it is, how to attract and save love energy is very important. As long as you remove some of the suffocating objects and buy some luck, the wrong place becomes a love domain - a steady stream of love energy comes to you!

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Must know the love of home Feng Shui love on the road

From the perspective of professional feng shui layout, the bed should be placed in the life of the “like the gods”. This will be healthy. If you want a good man to pursue yourself, you must find out that you want to use the five rows of peach blossoms to arrange beds or place green plants with vitality. The most taboo bed is placed in the slogan of the "taboo position", especially the position of peach blossom or peach blossom, the vases can not be empty or the vase with water. A ferocious peach is a murderous star that destroys marriage, affection, and damages. Seriously, it leads to no marriage, no love, and other murders. It is easy to attract the harassment of married men and not to be peaceful.

Things that need to be thrown away -

Something related to the past lover

In order to develop a new relationship, you must draw a line with the past. So, to be a little more happy, still lose the old love letters, the gifts that the lovers gave you, and everything related to the lost love.

Representative of a single person

Don't fall in love with your single life, and dispose of those who represent you single. If you have an expensive self-portrait, give it to a friend - single women hanging in the room, just a single energy!

Single display

There is only one bedside table on the bed, and all the other spaces are filled with your female sundries - this can't be done, since your single life is so leisurely, why should love energy patronize you!

Too feminine

If your room is covered with female objects such as lace and perfume, and men will tremble with their legs before entering this space, then they should be replaced with slightly masculine things.

Something that gives people a sense of oppression

A pointed, multi-angled or worn-out thing will give you a sense of "he" oppression. Don't let him be uncomfortable, so move the cactus away.

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