Evaluation: Intelligent King's style, crown and pearl bathroom wisdom IN series

The wisdom of the IN series , the collection of intelligent kings behind the style of a condensed experience of a sneak sneak peek, bringing together the wisdom of technology. The flowing lines perfectly blend with the home space to become a unique and creative avant-garde space. Comfortable and comfortable, through the meticulous combination of materials, the synthesis of excellent artistic expression, the achievement of a stable and unforgettable transcendence of smart models.

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Black reflective background, pure white shell, rigid lines... Do you feel a sense of post-modern industrial design. In fact, this feeling is no stranger, iphone4, windows phone 7.5 and other emerging industrial designs have adopted this strong sense of square lines, very popular with consumers.

The nozzle of this product has a special structure, it can be telescopically moved, and the impulse size can also be adjusted. The product is combined on the basis of the original buttocks and the two female cleaning tubes. The female washing water gun is hidden inside the buttock washing water gun. According to the "female-only" button, the hidden female special nozzle automatically extends, so that it appears Beautiful and clean.


In addition, the toilet is designed with self-cleaning nozzles. The nozzles are flushed by automatic water flow before and after each use, keeping the nozzles clean and users can use them more confidently.

Both the G983's sprinklers and dryer guns feature telescoping and back and forth movement. In appearance, the performance is holistic and strong. The water gun mouth and the air gun mouth of the drying device are in a complete integration of the plastic components of the whole machine, highlighting the high-level design and good craftsmanship of the new generation of smart toilets.


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