Real creation decoration project Feifei: practical, practical, more fashionable

Yang Feifei, Network Operations Manager, Shichuang Decoration Engineering (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.

[Reporter]: The market is chaotic, and the phenomenon of fish-eye mixing is frequent. How do you share your experience with netizens?

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[Yang Feifei]: Indeed, as you said, today's home improvement market has mixed eyes and different standards. For this, consumers are also confused. I believe that everyone knows the truth of "seeing is believing", then I suggest that you must visit the site. In addition to the company's qualifications and scale, the decoration site, material quality, etc. should be thoroughly and carefully considered, so as to avoid the regret of decoration.

[Reporter]: Standardization has become an important tool for competition, and each company's environmental standards are different. What is your company's environmental standards?

[Yang Feifei]: From materials to construction, fully implement industry standards, such as the use of E0 grade plates, environmentally advanced dust-free cutting process, etc., can make the majority of consumers rest assured.

[Reporter]: Everyone has different definitions of fashion. What is your definition of fashion? Especially when it comes to product design, what kind of design can be called fashion? How to achieve fashion and environmental protection in parallel?

[Yang Feifei]: "Fashion" according to its literal meaning should be "things advocating in a certain period of time", which has a certain relationship with each person's character temperament, taste preference, cultural background and so on. For the home improvement industry, fashion should be able to carry a beautiful and comfortable home experience through efficient collaboration from design to construction to after-sales. The brand personality of Shichuang Decoration is “practical, practical and more fashionable”. In terms of product design, it will also incorporate different ideas and elements to enable our consumers to enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. Today, environmental protection has been seen as a fashion. To a certain extent, fashion and environmental protection are not “parallel” but “integration”. The introduction of Nordic imported net aldehyde environmental protection brand, cooperation with the industry's top 10 major suppliers, the upgrading of new environmental protection technology, and the guarantee of full refund of environmental protection. It should be said that the creation of decoration has always been at the forefront of fashion and environmental protection.

[Reporter]: The concept of "green home" and "original state" as the latest trend of real estate trend is increasingly praised by the industry and valued by consumers. How does your company meet the current consumer spending habits?

[Yang Feifei]: Our customer base comes from different industries and different age groups. The decoration appeals are also different, but the pursuit of cost-effective services and the pursuit of environmentally friendly green homes are common. So Shichuang Decoration has also been providing satisfactory decoration services based on the specific needs of the owners on the basis of environmentally friendly home improvement.

[Reporter]: The problem of superimposed pollution is getting more and more attention from consumers. How do you think about superimposed pollution, how is your company solved?

[Yang Feifei]: Nowadays, major businesses will make a big fuss about the "environmental protection" of products, but the following problems often arise, such as the purchase of the floor is environmentally friendly, the tiles are environmentally friendly, and other building materials are environmentally friendly, but After the final renovation, it was found that formaldehyde exceeded the standard. The reason for the above problems may be that consumers may not be aware of specific environmental standards when selecting building materials, and may also cause harmful substances during the decoration process.

Well, everyone knows that Shichuang Decoration has been promoting the “package decoration” of the main material of the labor and materials package, and cooperates with the top 10 brands of the industry. At the same time, it promises that the environmental protection will not be fully refunded after the renovation, providing the most peace of mind for the owners. Decoration guarantee.

[Reporter]: Low carbon and energy conservation are the popularization of environmental protection concepts, or is it the embodiment of corporate social responsibility?

[Yang Feifei]: In recent years, environmentally-related events such as the global lights-out for one hour, environmental protection bags, and tree planting festivals have received more and more attention from the people, and the concept of environmental protection has become more and more popular. On the one hand, everyone has realized that the environment has deteriorated, and what we do is closely related to changes in the environment. On the other hand, as a responsible company, it is necessary and necessary to provide consumers with peace of mind and peace of mind.

[Reporter]: Nowadays, environmental protection issues are getting more and more attention. What kind of activities or plans does your company have in promoting environmental protection?

[Yang Feifei]: In our past activities, we have repeatedly demonstrated the environmental protection products and processes to the owners. Nordic imported odorless open cover sales of wall paint, floor dust-free cutting process, etc., so that everyone feel close to environmental protection. At the same time, Shichuang Decoration realized factory production and on-site installation, completely changing the traditional mode of making furniture on the construction site, and achieving “no drop of paint on the construction site”, thus reducing the release of noise, dust and formaldehyde, and ensuring fresh air in the home. Health, so that consumers can stay in a new home that looks forward to a long time.

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