The overall wardrobe pays attention to the space design, which is both functional and beautiful.

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] The popularity of the whole wardrobe has made many consumers rush. But not all consumers know how to choose a wardrobe . It is a heavy function, or it should be beautiful. This is the most tangled problem for many consumers when choosing a wardrobe.


Most consumers pay attention to the external style when choosing the whole wardrobe, and the wardrobe with a beautiful appearance is worth the money. Many manufacturers seize this mentality, save materials, reduce costs, and simply divide the space inside the wardrobe, resulting in a large number of similar wardrobe structures on the market.

The interior of the wardrobe should be divided into different areas according to the characteristics of the user, including underwear, shirts, pants, long coats, short coats, sweaters, skirts, and even socks, scarves, belts and ties. Inside, the design of the pull basket, clothes pass, pants rack, etc., so that the wardrobe can accommodate more clothes, it is no exaggeration to say that the whole wardrobe can be used for two ordinary wardrobes.

Common clothes are stored where the hand can reach when the person is standing or kneeling. If the clothes rail is too high, it is designed to be movable for easy access and access to clothing. In addition, the height of the drawer is roughly one-third of the height of the person, not too high, and the panels of many drawers are designed to be narrow or embedded in glass so that people can see what is inside.

The designer designs the overall wardrobe to be based on the information provided by the consumer. Consumers need to provide detailed information as much as possible, for example, which type of clothing they prefer, whether they are more suits or long skirts, whether they love to wear formal wear or prefer casual wear. People's personality is different, the demand is not the same, and the internal structure of the wardrobe cannot be the same. For example, if you like to wear a formal or shirt type, you should increase the height of the hanging space to avoid wrinkles.

Therefore, when choosing the whole wardrobe, consumers must make the function and space of the wardrobe reach the maximum utilization rate according to the living habits and needs of the family and the family. Of course, more than the designer should communicate and keep the overall appearance of the wardrobe. .

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