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As a German outdoor famous brand, Jack Wolfskin has always insisted on the magic weapon of winning in technology fabrics, with high-quality fabrics to protect the safety and protection of outdoor travelers. This time, Greenfield introduced Jack Wolfskin's new three-layer adhesive men's Jackets to many outdoor friends. The new Jackets include a fleece liner to help you easily cope with the outdoor weather in autumn and winter, and the windproof, waterproof, breathable and warm features embodied in this jacket make it more suitable for outdoor outings, camping, and mountaineering. , ice climbing and other sports wear. Jack Wolfskin Men's three-layer plastic Jackets are the market price of new products for this season of RMB 3,999.

Jack Wolfskin Jackets

Jack Wolfskin Jackets Back

Fabric and Fabric Technology

The common feature of Jack Wolfskin's flagship fabric collections is 100% waterproof and breathable. The structure is a layer of PU coating or film attached to the inner layer of the jacket fabric. The coating structure has a large number of micro-holes, which can help to effectively block the infiltration of water from the outside while allowing the sweat to be removed from the interior in time.

The outer jacket of the new jacket is made of nylon, and the inner fabric is made of polyester fiber and elastic fiber. At the same time, Jack Wolfskin also used TEXAPORE fabric technology on the clothes, so that Jackets waterproof index of up to 20,000mm, the lowest air permeability index up to 15000g/m2/24, to ensure that the water droplets do not stop on the surface of the clothes. High-quality waterproof technology design, with high-quality impact resistance, even if it meets the most serious outdoor rainstorm weather, it can also protect the body from the excessive impact of bad weather.

Fabric waterproof test

Jackets design

The windbreaker of the clothes adopts a hood design, and the hood is also detachable. It can be easily operated in the outdoors according to their own personal needs. The zipper on the invisible pocket of the shirt has a compact design to ensure its stability while also protecting the safety of the equipment and carrying the item, effectively protecting the safety of the carried item, preventing loss and making it more convenient. The cuffs are reinforced with a windproof design to ensure good combination of breathability and windproof insulation. The convenience of self-adjustment enhances the experience of outdoor activities.

Clothes hood design

Adjustable elastic cuffs

Jack Wolfskin Jackets will provide outdoor enthusiasts with better performance with better performance. Players who are ready for outdoor sports in autumn and winter will be able to choose from such equipment to prepare for the upcoming trip.

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