Matching scheme for living room furniture

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In the living room, you should usually place large furniture such as sofas, coffee tables, TV cabinets, etc., and some furniture accessories. So, do you know how to match the living room furniture? Here are some four options for matching the living room furniture. I hope I can help you!

Option 1: Classical sofa + floor curtain + European chandelier

Furniture matching

Suitable for decoration style: European classical

European style decoration is generally more elegant and luxurious, suitable for large families. A European-style sofa is the highlight of the entire living room. The lines are complex and complex, with beautifully carved solid wood carvings, and the details show the owner's unique taste. A curtain of dark floor-to-ceiling curtains showcases the atmosphere of the living room. When I look up, it is a gorgeous European chandelier, full of classical style, elegant posture, and timeless.

Option 2: Fabric sofa + white coffee table + lace table lamp

Home culture

Suitable for decoration style: Korean pastoral

The faint pattern, which is on the fabric sofa, is so delicate and beautiful, and it is very harmonious with the floral wallpaper of the living room. The white coffee table is simple and compact, making it ideal for small families. A ray of table lamps, upgrade the pastoral style, placed in such a living room, put Buddha to the spring of the bustling garden. Your home can also stay young.

Option 3: solid wood sofa + cabinet + square coffee table

Furniture matching

Suitable style: Korean style

The Korean-style living room is designed to be comfortable in simplicity and beautiful in the quiet. White is the main color of the entire living room. The solid wood framed sofa is matched with the flower cushions. A set of cabinets is the highlight of the living room, with different combinations of heights and heights, showing more layering and convenient placement. The favorite one is the small square coffee table, which is simple in shape and practical.

Option 4: Garden sofa + white coffee table + European chandelier

Home culture

Suitable for decoration style: rustic style

This living room gives you the feeling of being quiet at first sight, permeating a light home wind. The ivory white solid wood sofa is suitable for a variety of decoration styles. The simple style is more atmospheric and is tolerant. The white coffee table blends harmoniously with the sofa. The elegant curves add a touch of romance to the living room. Under the exquisite European lamp, the living room has a timeless and excellent living taste.

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