Bedroom decoration to save money Dafa: wall wardrobe 500 ocean to get

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] When you decorate your bedroom, do you want to be cheap and good looking? Now let's take a look at the way to save money in bedroom decoration. The key to saving money is in the closet and bay window.

In larger units, you can use the mix between the master bedroom, the main bathroom and the cloakroom to save money and space.

Renovating the bedroom in this functional room looks hard to save money. But in fact, whether it is a separate bedroom for a small apartment or a combination of "bedroom + main guard + cloakroom" in a large apartment, designers can still apply "stealing the column" and "sounding to the west" in the wardrobe, bay window, etc. Partially save money, and some methods can even save a lot of space.

The key lies in the wardrobe and bay window. This is because the bedroom is relatively simple in function, and there are not many settings. There are few furniture placed. Therefore, if you can't make a fuss about the bed and the bedside table, then the wardrobe and the wardrobe. The bay window has a relatively room to play.

For example, using a ready-made wall to make a simple wardrobe saves both the consumption and the full realization of its function.

Looking at the bay window, even in the small apartment, you can still use the potential to make a bed frame, or use solid wood panels instead of traditional marble materials for decoration, the effect is still extraordinary.

In larger units, you can also use the local mix between the master bedroom, the main bathroom and the cloakroom to save money and space.

Bedroom money saving meter

1, use the wall to make hangers

Instead of using a wooden board, use a corner of the bedroom and build a wall on the other side (the wall width is 65 cm). Install two stainless steel pipes in the middle of the parallel walls to make a hanger. A curtain, so that the space surrounded by the three walls becomes a wardrobe.

Reasons for saving money: This method only requires a small amount of materials and labor costs required to build a wall, as well as stainless steel, curtains, etc. The total cost of a 2.5-meter-long cabinet is about 500 yuan.

2, mirror push door dual-use

In general, the cloakroom will require a larger mirror and the bathroom will need a door. This **** solves both problems at the same time, that is, installing a large mirror on the sliding door of the bathroom.

Reasons for saving money: One thing is dual-use, and the total cost is about 450 yuan.

3, extending the bay window to make a bed

The specific method is to extend along the platform of the bay window, and raise the ground of the extension portion, and then attach it to the surface with a wooden board, so that the bay window and its extension become a bed frame, and the person can directly sleep in the convex On the window.

Reasons for saving money: You don't have to pay for the bed frame, and you have saved a lot of space for the bed, and you have earned some storage functions. This method can save about 1,500 yuan.

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