Six autumn and winter skin care methods recommended

Method 1: Care for the good time

Six autumn and winter skin care methods recommended

Outdoor activities in autumn and winter were significantly reduced, and both hands got a chance to breathe. Dry skin can cause serious skin problems in the hands. In order to protect the hands, many makeup brands have launched the corresponding hand cream.

For the dazzling hand cream , that is right for you. People who often do housework will be exposed to alkaline substances such as detergents and soaps. The skin of the hands is easily corroded and roughened. You can often apply hand creams labeled with “natural fruit oil” formula. The cream contains natural collagen and vitamin E and other restorative elements. Among them, the components such as fruit acid have a strong comprehensive repairing effect on alkaline substances. In addition, it is best to use other hand protection measures, such as doing housework. It is best to wear outer rubber and inner cotton gloves to protect your hands from corrosion.

White-collar workers, often working in computers in air-conditioned office buildings, because of the low humidity in the air-conditioned room, plus some radiation from the computer, the hands are relatively dry, need the moisturizing of natural nutrients, you can choose moisturizing hand cream . This hand cream contains a moisturizing factor that moisturizes your hands and keeps your hands soft.

Method 2: All in all

Pay attention to the cleanness of the skin. It is best to clean it thoroughly once a week. Before cleaning, use hot water in the washbasin, steam the noodles for a few minutes. After the pores are opened, apply evenly on the face and neck with a cleansing cream and massage properly. Then wash off the cleansing cream, dry it, and apply a moisturizing cream. Especially for office workers, central air conditioning for eight hours a day, the temperature is relatively constant, usually need to be light makeup, long makeup time, busy work, system skin maintenance time is less, so the focus outside the cleaning is massage, hydration, thoroughly remove makeup . Those who have more outdoor activities should choose to use some cleansing products that control oil and shrink pores, and do some anti-aging maintenance.

Method 3: Prevent liver spots

In autumn and winter, you must properly maintain the skin damaged by exposure to the sun. As long as the maintenance method is available, not only can the liver spots be avoided, but also liver spots can be prevented. Regular massage and face are the way to prevent liver spots. In the diet, vegetables, fruits, seaweed, small fish, and milk should be indispensable every day. In particular, you should get enough calcium and minerals. They inhibit skin irritation and whiten skin.

Six autumn and winter skin care methods recommended

Method 4: Prevent sun exposure

In the summer, it is easy to overlook the existence of ultraviolet light, so this period is more susceptible to the sun. In the summer, in order to prevent UV intrusion, the skin becomes thicker and thinner in autumn and winter. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to ultraviolet rays. It is also best to apply sunscreen cream as in summer. At the same time, special care should be taken not to expose the skin to ultraviolet light for a long time. The weather in the autumn turned cold, and the metabolism of the skin began to decline.

Method 5: Oil is driven away from drying

After the chill is gradually deepened, the secretion of sebum and sweat, which is more active, will gradually decrease, and the skin will be easier to dry. People who have used acid-based lotions before can now switch to acidic or neutral lotions, and the amount of lotion and moisturizing lotion should be increased to give the skin ample moisture. For dry skin and older people, the period when the skin feels dry will come earlier, so as long as the skin feels like a cool breeze, you should use the cream as soon as possible to replenish the oil needed for the skin. >>>National Day acne + cleansing pox plan to upgrade

Method six: bathing should not be too much

The number of baths should not be too much. Windy in autumn and winter, and due to frequent cold air activities, there is often a strong wind and air drying every few days. In this climatic condition, people exposed to the skin are prone to tightness, lack of elasticity, and even skin. This is due to the accelerated evaporation of skin moisture and the lack of moisture in the stratum corneum of the skin. If you take too much bath, it will wash off the protective oil on the body surface and make the skin easier to dry. Therefore, it is recommended that you take a bath no less than two days, and apply a moisturizer after washing. Use less soap when bathing, apply skin cream on your limbs and back after washing. As the body slows down with age, the skin is prone to slack. After the shower, you can use some olive leaf extract or rose extract essence to not only relax the nerves, but also moisturize the skin.

Pay attention to the method of skin care. Skin care methods vary from season to season, using the right skin care method when appropriate.

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