Explain the purchase of custom wardrobes from a professional perspective

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Customized wardrobes have developed rapidly in recent years, accompanied by more and more brands, and the competition in the market has become increasingly fierce. As a result, many brand companies began to work on the details to achieve the effect of brand image enhancement. So how do consumers buy custom wardrobes? From a professional point of view, you need to pay attention to the following points:

Custom wardrobe

1. Use of materials.

Most of the custom-made wardrobes on the market use medium-density fiberboard, some of which are better with moisture-proof boards and medium-density boards, and also look at the veneers. The hardware of the custom closet is also very important, such as carbon steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy and so on. The smoothness, wear resistance and pressure resistance of the pulley are also very important. The pulleys of the brand wardrobe are generally made of carbon fiberglass, with balls inside, with non-drying grease, and almost no noise when pushing and pulling. In addition, good pulleys are often designed with two anti-jump devices to ensure reliable and safe door sliding. There is only one anti-jump device or a pulley without an anti-jump device, and the door is easily derailed when in use.

2. Is the cabinet design scientific?

A good custom closet cabinet, usually composed of different cabinets, can be customized according to the customer's actual situation; drawers and shelves can be freely increased or decreased. However, the reporter should remind everyone that when preparing to order a wall cabinet, you must first book a specific location at home, and then measure the size. Since some roofs have beams, if this factor is not taken into consideration, it is likely that the overall wardrobe that is ordered will not fit into the wall.

3. Is the accessory complete?

Push-pull mirrors, lattice racks, pants racks, pull baskets, and L-frames. Whether these accessories are complete is an important criterion for judging whether the design has a "people-oriented" concept.

4. Whether to choose green environmental protection materials.

The formaldehyde content of the cabinet door or cabinet material is too high, which will adversely affect the user's health. How to determine which excessive levels of formaldehyde? The simplest way is to open the door, opened the drawer, such as excessive, generally emit a strong odor stimulus, even people cry.

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