The beauty secret that you can't miss after you develop a quality woman.

Wearing the most fashionable clothing or makeup, the most IN makeup, can not be called a peerless beauty. On the contrary, wearing a very plain, but exudes an elegant quality, attracting everyone's vision, must have her beauty Let's take a look at how to build an excellent beauty.

Personal expression that can be expressed by eye expressions

Sometimes, there are no other special thoughts or intentions, but people's eyes or eye expressions are misunderstood. Isn't it a good grievance? So, the eyes must be clear, the skin around the eyes must be taken care of, the daily eye cream maintenance with massage Take good care of your computer phone for a whole day, tired eyes. Eye care is divided into upper and lower areas, avoiding eyelids (eyelash growth), the upper part should be firm, the lower part should be smooth, the eye cream is not necessarily Two cans, but the maintenance methods can be different, the maintenance is more accurate!

Develop a good quality girl the day after tomorrow.

1. In the eye: the ring finger caress

The ring finger is the most gentle, take a grain of rice, evenly applied to the eye area, gently stroke from the eye to the end of the eye until it is completely absorbed.

2. At the moment: the ring finger is light

At the moment, the skin can't withstand pulling. The ring finger is from the point of the eye to the end of the eye. At first, I am not used to it.