Traditional toy status cannot be replaced by "i" products

[ Chinese and foreign toy network news] Liao Zhikai, senior pediatric consultant doctor of Elizabeth Hospital, pointed out that children's development should focus on comprehensiveness, children can enjoy the right to use i products (iPhone or iPad), but can not be used as a toy.

Walking on the road, or in shopping malls, restaurants, you can often see a child in your hand holding a smart phone or iPad, fingers flexibly pointing at the interface, playing video games, watching movies or Video, etc. Parents are also happy to have a moment of peace.

Children have been dealing with these high-end electronic products since childhood. The appeal of traditional toys has been much worse than before. A little attention has been paid to public places, and girls are holding dolls or boys holding toy cars . Is the child growing up in such an "i generation" electronic play environment healthy?

Can't be completely a toy

Liao Zhikai, a senior pediatric consultant at the Elizabeth Medical Center, pointed out that children's development should focus on comprehensiveness. Now everyone lives in high technology and cannot avoid getting young children from accessing advanced computers and electronic products such as iPad tablets and smart phones. With mobile phones, children can enjoy the right to use these electronic products, but they cannot be used as toys.

He said: "I have seen parents buy iPad for young children, as his only toy, which is unhealthy. Traditional toys such as building blocks, fluff, cloth and plastic have their advantages. Children touch different materials. Toys, understand the texture, and through different shapes, imagine a different world of play in your heart."

He added that toy dogs, "Lego" houses, dolls, and jigsaw puzzles all have different lives and represent the real world. Children should be given the opportunity to learn about diverse toys and learn from them. Even the Transformers , which can turn into a car in a flash, can let children explore the wonders and wonders of the toy world. Musical instruments such as piano, drums, etc., but also the children a good learning opportunity, which followed on the tablet, learning at the screen "play" the piano are two different things. He does not object to children learning piano on a tablet computer, but they must also touch the real piano, touch the keys and feel different sound quality.

i products are not in contact after children's classes

In 1996, since the launch of the electronic chicken (Tamagotchi), pets began to enter the virtual world. The popularity of the Internet has made electronic pets "leap on" the computer screen and live in a more vast virtual space. In 1999, the virtual pet site Neopets set off a boom and everyone was on the Internet. When smartphones are not available, people have adopted these electronic worlds to raise pets, taking care of them every day to eat and drink Lazar and sleep. Dr. Liao Zhikai said that people learn to take care of pets, trust their emotions, and learn to be the master of a responsible person, but the emotional world has begun to lack the "humanity" atmosphere, and communication with parents and affection has become increasingly weak.

He emphasized that children of any age can play with toys. Children should pay attention to the safety of toys. When they grow up a little, they should pay attention to learning in play. Different age groups should have different toys.

As for the i product (iPhone or iPad), at least the child is three or five years old, and it is not too late to start contact after entering the kindergarten class. He has seen some parents, whenever a new type of smart phone is available, because the child is clamoring to buy, so often change the phone two times a year, as a new toy for children.

According to a foreign survey, nearly 80% of children have been exposed to i products at the age of 2, and parents are facing problems with children or lack of concentration. It is difficult for children of “i generations” to concentrate on a non-electronic product type activity of about 30 minutes, such as painting and practicing piano.

A girl from a foreign country played the iPad since she was a child. She used to tap the screen to browse information and gradually formed reading habits. When she flipped through the magazines and newspapers, she tried to “snap” the paper in the same way, with poor concentration.

Love i products children receive psychological counseling

Dr. Liao noticed that some children play mobile phones or watch videos for a long time every day, and some have gone to sleepless nights, which is harmful to the development of mind and body. "We recommend that parents should not let young children play such electronic products for more than an hour each time. They should let their children come out to contact nature. The best way is to put the phone or tablet away, and let the parents go home and let them go. Children play, easy to supervise."

He has children in several cases. Because he is not interested in learning to play with these technology products, his homework cannot be done. More and more children are facing such problems, such cases are increasing, and the relationship between children and parents is not good.

Dr. Liao said that the child was very clever and his academic performance was among the best. But after being tied up by the fun of smart phones and iPads, his performance plummeted and even failed. His personality became rebellious and his parents had no countermeasures against him. Finally, the child must receive treatment and counseling from a psychiatrist. Click to enter the home page of China and foreign toys

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