Brief Analysis of the Quality Inspection System of Manroland United

In the traditional sheetfed offset printing process, the detection and control of the printing quality is discontinuous and incomplete, and the manroland inline detection technology can solve this problem, it can complete, continuous and accurate detection of printing quality And control. The principle is to install a detection system in the printing machine, which can compare each printed sheet with the previously tested standard reference samples. For small quality deviations such as white spots, depilation and powder, water splashing ink, etc., can be detected and immediately output a signal through the computer, and finally inform the staff in the form of an image or sound alarm to facilitate timely remediation and correction.

1 Composition of manroland on-line detection system

1) Camera

The camera device is installed on the last printing unit and can detect printing defects of 0.5mm2. Whenever the impression cylinder rotates by 0.5mm, all the character lines are tested again. Since the printed sheets are scanned on the impression cylinder as early as possible, the registration effect is excellent and high-speed production is possible. In addition, the distance between the camera device and the paper delivery device ensures that the detection is not affected by powder spraying for a long period of time.

2) Inserting device

The label insertion device can accurately mark the specific location of the flawed and erroneous printed sheets on the pile of received paper. After printing, the operator can clean up this part of the printed sheet. Through the control of the computer system, the specific location and type of any defects listed by Luo will be seen on the fluorescent screen next to the printing press. You can also enter all relevant data on this workbench to activate the control system and select the area to be detected. It can also set up related systems for a specific task.

3) Sensitivity device

For different quality detection requirements of different printed products, the detection system sets five different sensitivities from high sensitivity to low sensitivity respectively. In normal printing, the medium sensitivity setting is sufficient to detect extremely small defects at the fastest printing speed. In addition, this inspection system can also pre-select the size of the defect area, so as to avoid excessive detection of defects outside the required range when only general printing quality is required. It can also list defective stacks of printed paper on a fluorescent screen. In the final stage of printing, the operator can once again detect everything that has just happened. For example, if these defects are caused by inappropriate printing pressure, then take appropriate remedial measures immediately before starting the next batch of product printing. [next]

2 Features of Manroland Inline Inspection System

1) Comprehensiveness of testing

The system can detect all possible defects, including those not found during regular quality checks by staff. For example: ink spots, dirty paste, scratches, water splashes, streaks, curls, wrinkles and other substrate defects and obvious color cast.

2) Particularity of detection

â‘ It can detect and analyze the defects less than 1mm with different colors.

â‘¡ No additional transmission modules and devices are required.

â‘¢ Scanning the printed sheet is completed at the moment it just leaves the impression cylinder, which greatly improves the scanning accuracy and accuracy.

â‘£It can be used for the detection of cardboards with different thickness.

3) Combination with sorting device

The sorting device can automatically separate the wastes marked by the labeling device out of the paper pile, replacing manual operations, making printing more convenient and fast.

By using such a detection system, printing manufacturers and companies can effectively control the quality of printed matter. And because it can win more orders, reduce the damage and waste of substrates, reduce the cost of handling customer complaints, etc., through further cost analysis, it is found that the return on investment is only less than one year.

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