Three-dimensional bronzing equipment classification

Three-dimensional bronzing equipment usually has two types: flat pressing and round pressing. Round pressing is not suitable for three-dimensional hot stamping.

The flat and flat three-dimensional hot stamping equipment is represented by Swiss Bost equipment. It is developing in the direction of high speed, high precision and easy to use. It is the main model of three-dimensional hot stamping. Bost hot stamping machine has reached a hot stamping speed of 7500 sheets / hour, and the accuracy can be kept within ± 0.1mm, which is one of the most advanced hot stamping machines in the world.

The method of round pressing and round bronzing is usually used for web-line processing.

Because the round pressing is a line contact, the bubble phenomenon that may exist in the flat pressing and bronzing can be completely avoided, and the speed is fast and the quality is good. However, because the bronzing plate and the bottom mold relief plate are round, the processing is difficult and the cost is high. The heat transfer effect of the circular bronzing plate is not very ideal, so it is not widely used. Edition work, such as cigarette packs, wine bags, health products, etc.

Hot stamping and bump embossing technology are both traditional post-press processing technology, which is an indispensable process in packaging and decoration. Now the two are used together, which not only reduces the production process, but also improves production efficiency. The decoration effect and anti-counterfeiting function have been greatly improved. Therefore, this technology is now showing strong development momentum. With the maturity of various conditions, it will gradually replace the process of forming a three-dimensional golden pattern from the two processes of bronzing and embossing. The three-dimensional bronzing process will become a very promising decoration technology in the field of post-press packaging and decoration.

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