DMD fiber spectrometer based on MENS device

Shanghai Fuxiang's superb scientific research and innovation ability in the field of spectroscopy makes Fuxiang continuously create miracles in the field of spectrum measurement. DMD optical fiber spectrometer based on MENS device is another new type of optical fiber spectrometer launched by Fuxiang Instrument. It is currently the first commercial optical fiber spectrometer based on DMD (Digital Micro mirror Device) in China. It is a spectroscopic instrument based on Adama transform optics, with small size, light weight, easy to carry, no moving parts, strong seismic performance, high signal-to-noise ratio, high resolution, multi-channel simultaneous detection capability and data processing Fast and other advantages.

The working principle of DMD fiber spectrometer

The biggest advantage of the DMD fiber spectrometer based on the MENS device is the working band. The optical path uses a symmetrical double grating system. There is no need to adjust the optical path. As long as the detector is replaced, the working band can be changed from the visible wavelength to the near-infrared wavelength, and even the mid-infrared band.

The general application of DMD fiber spectrometer based on MENS device:

â–  Multi-channel simultaneous detection capability and fast data processing advantages, especially suitable for weak spectrum and image analysis.

â–  Luminescence spectrum measurement, substance absorption measurement and penetration measurement, color measurement, etc.

â–  Chemical analysis: substance analysis, composition analysis, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, concentration measurement, etc.

â–  Environmental testing: air pollution, river water quality, food pesticides, industrial gases, ultraviolet detection, etc.

â–  Photoelectric detection: light inspection equipment required for LED upstream and downstream, color gamut inspection equipment for FPD industry, etc.

â–  Color detection: color fixing, color matching, color inspection in textile, printing, dyeing, electroplating, painting and other industries

â–  Medical measurement applications: home inspection devices, preventive medicine and personal health management, animal inspection equipment, etc.

â–  Other spectral analysis applications: gem identification, criminal identification, fruit sweetness, screen color difference correction, defense industry, fluorescence measurement, etc.

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