Reasons why the low temperature of the high and low temperature test chamber cannot be maintained

The reason why the high and low temperature test chamber can not maintain the low temperature is mainly the refrigeration compressor. How to judge whether there is a problem with the electrical appliance or the compressor? The following is introduced to you by Beijing Yashilin Technical Department:

Electrical system analysis: first observe whether the refrigeration compressor of the high and low temperature test chamber can be started during operation. If the compressor can be started during operation, the electrical circuit from the main power supply to each compressor is normal, and the electrical system is also There is no problem.

Refrigeration system analysis: first check the two sets of refrigeration compressors. If the discharge and suction pressure of the low-temperature compressor are lower than normal, and the suction pressure is evacuated, it means that the main refrigeration unit is obviously insufficient . Then touch the exhaust and suction lines of the R23 compressor of the main unit of the high and low temperature box with your hands. If you find that the temperature of the exhaust line is not high, the temperature of the suction line is not low (no frost). It also illustrates the lack of R23 refrigerant in the host group.

One of the high and low temperature test chamber is the main unit and the other is the auxiliary unit. When the cooling rate is large, the two groups of units work at the same time. At the beginning of the temperature maintenance stage, the two groups of units still work at the same time. After the temperature stabilizes, the auxiliary unit will stop working, and the host group will maintain the temperature drop and stability. If the host group R23 leaks, the cooling effect of the host group will be insignificant. Since the two units are working at the same time during the cooling process, there is no phenomenon that the temperature is not stable, and the cooling rate is indicated to decrease. In the temperature maintenance stage, once the auxiliary unit stops working and the main unit has no cooling effect, the air temperature in the high and low temperature test chamber will slowly rise. When the temperature rises to a certain level, the control system will start the auxiliary unit to cool down, and then The auxiliary unit stopped working again, and so repeatedly, there will be a failure phenomenon that the low temperature cannot be maintained. Then confirm that the cause of the failure of the high and low temperature test chamber is the refrigerant R23 leakage of the low temperature (R23) class unit of the main refrigeration unit.

Yashilin high and low temperature test chamber, made in China. ——Beijing Yashilin Test Equipment

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