The weight loss diet on the tip of the tongue is the most powerful

For those MM who want to lose weight but can't resist food, today's Xiaobian is definitely a good news. Let's take a look at it.

Weight loss on the tip of the tongue

Lotus leaf porridge

100 grams of glutinous rice, 1 leaf of fresh lotus leaf (about 200 grams), and the amount of white sugar is used as raw material. Wash the rice and add water to cook the porridge. When fresh, wash the fresh tea leaves on the porridge, simmer for about 15 minutes, remove the lotus leaves, the porridge is light green, and then boil for a while. When you take it, you can add white sugar at any time. You can take it at any time. You can clear the heat, quench your thirst, and stimulate your body to lose weight.

Squid soup

荜芨 5 grams, 100 grams of fresh squid, 15 grams of Sichuan pepper, coriander, ginger, cooking wine, onion, MSG, vinegar, the right amount of raw materials. Remove the squid from the scales, wash the viscera into the viscera, cut into small pieces; wash the ginger and onions, and smash them for use. Put the clams, squid, onions, and ginger into the pot, add some water, boil on the fire, and simmer on the fire for about 40 minutes. Add coriander, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, and vinegar. Can be eaten alone, can also be accompanied by meals, eat fish and soup. Can diure water and lose weight.

ç„– carrot kelp

Kelp, radish amount, clove, cinnamon, anise, pepper, walnut, vegetarian oil, soy sauce, the right amount of raw materials. Soak the kelp with water for 1 day and 1 night (change the water twice in the middle), then wash and cut into silk, and cut the radish into thick wire. Cook the oil, add a few kelp and stir fry, add cloves, cinnamon, anise, pepper, walnuts, soy sauce and water to boil. Change to the fire and burn until the kelp will be rotten and then put into the radish and cooked. Can digest water and lose weight.

Winter melon porridge

Fresh skin melon 80g - 100g (or winter melon kernel, dry 10g - 15g, fresh 30g), 100g of glutinous rice as raw material. Wash the melon with a knife, then cut it into small pieces, then put it in a casserole with the glutinous rice, and boil it into porridge (do not put salt in the porridge). Or use the melon kernels to fry the slag first, then clean the glutinous rice and put the porridge to cook. Every morning and evening, the food is effective. It can diuresis and reduce weight loss.

Stewed pork belly

1 pork belly, 3g of pepper, 10g of ginger, 10g of dried tangerine peel. Wash the pork belly into the boiling water pot, remove it, cut it into small pieces, put the ginger, onion, cooking wine and water into the pot, simmer until the pork belly is smashed, add salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper to taste. . Can remove phlegm, spleen and stomach, lose weight. Once a day, even for 1 week.

Stewed pig hand

Pig hand 100g, dodder 10g, Cistanche 20g, Astragalus 20g, jujube 10 pieces. Put all the ingredients into the stew pot, add some water, add the stew, cover the water and simmer for 2 to 3 hours, seasoning. Can make kidney beauty. Once a day, even for 1 month.

Bupi soup

Fresh glutinous rice 30g, Chinese yam 100g, ginkgo 50g, longan meat 20g, jujube 10g, hazelnut 5g. The above ingredients can be eaten with simmer for 2 hours. Can lose weight and spleen. Once a day, even for 2 weeks.

The above is a series of medicinal prescriptions that can be slimmed down for you to introduce in detail. Warm reminders, you must find out the cause and type of obesity, so that you can prescribe the right medicine.

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