Red Star Macalline opens a new model of home marketing

Red Star Macalline opens a new model of home marketing
Red Star Macalline opens a new model of home marketing

On March 16th, it was co-organized by Chongqing North New District Business Bureau, Chongqing Building Decoration Association, Hongxing Meikailong, Chongqing Nan'an District Commercial Committee, Chongqing Nanping Commercial Circle Development and Construction Management Committee, and Industrial and Commercial Bank Chongqing Branch. The Spring Home Collection Conference will be unveiled at the Chongqing International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The exhibition economy is mainly to showcase the industry image, industrial culture and new trends. The home crocodile is aiming at the fiery "convention economy", which is a good thing for consumers. Red Star Macalline launched a new marketing model in Chongqing, which will bring more home culture and better quality and cheaper products to consumers.

The exhibition center will become the "second terminal" of the home industry

Chongqing's annual housing fairs, auto shows and wedding fairs are the focus of many consumers. The exhibition has gradually become the vane and concentrated consumer nodes for the development of various industries. The trend of fashion release, the latest product display, high-tech experience... With the development of the exhibition economy, commercial stores began to move from chain operations to more precise marketing channels, and other circulation industries have begun to extend their reach to the exhibition terminal.

The "Spring Home Collection Conference" is a consumer event created by Red Star Macalline and hundreds of well-known home brands, home improvement, parallel with related industries such as home appliances, tourism, catering and entertainment, and weddings. Consumers need to travel all over the city to understand the history of various products. It will be a thing of the past. At this exhibition, consumers can fully understand home and home appliances within the tens of thousands of square meters of the exhibition center. , tourism, entertainment, wedding and other industries development trends and fashion trends.

Red Star Macalline pioneered the Chongqing home store and took the lead in occupying the Convention Center as the second terminal. At this point, the convention center will begin to act as a consumer terminal venue for functions such as second brand display, product exhibition, and landing activities in addition to home stores, so that the contact and interaction between the home industry and consumers is not only more time-sensitive. Close, but also extended to a wider space. The incident also marked the beginning of the Chongqing home furnishing store to break away from the fixed business premises, and the innovative journey to the “exhibition” sales model has also become a milestone in the development of the Chongqing home furnishing industry.

Authoritative sponsorship to create the iconic node of Chongqing home furnishing industry

Strength, innovation and authority support are the three major focuses of modern enterprise competition. As the representative brand of China's home chain stores, Red Star Macalline not only has strong strength, but also leads the way in innovation.

In the past seven years since entering the Chongqing market, Red Star Macalline has written a wonderful development history of the Chongqing home market with strength and innovation. From July 23, 2010, “signing China asked the two rivers”, the large-scale president signed the sale, opening a new situation in the off-season marketing. In July 2012, the “First Home Consumption Day” was launched. In the hot July, the household consumption boom was launched. Then, on March 16 this year, the “Spring Home Collection Conference” will focus on the new terminal of the exhibition economy extension home marketing. Channels... Every activity is a practice of strength and innovation. It is the driving force for the continuous development of the home furnishing industry. It also transforms traditional nodes such as March and July into the iconic consumer nodes of the Chongqing home furnishing industry.

The "Spring Home Collection Conference" not only has strong brand strength, but also co-sponsored by Chongqing North New District Business Bureau and Chongqing Building Decoration Association, Chongqing Nan'an District Commercial Committee, Chongqing Nanping Commercial Circle Development and Construction Management Committee, Industrial and Commercial Bank The Chongqing Branch jointly co-organized, and the full involvement and participation of the authoritative organizations made this “Spring Home Collection Conference” not only innovative, but also authoritative.

Exhibition economy makes high-end products more affordable

At the same time, the purpose of the merchants participating in the exhibition activities is not entirely for sales. It is the ultimate goal to enhance the brand awareness and influence through the promotion of the event and the exhibition platform.

“The reason why the price of products launched during the event is lower than usual is to achieve brand awareness and reputation. In the media, the promotion cost of tens of thousands of yuan and hundreds of thousands of yuan is not as good as subsidizing product prices. Let the consumers benefit. The consumers are very smart now, only low-priced, high-quality products will allow them to quickly place orders and promote word-of-mouth for your brand." An exhibitor brand said.

In this "Spring Collection Collection", you don't have to worry about "cheap products can't be seen, and the products you see can be too expensive", don't worry about buying products with unqualified quality service. Red Star Macalline join hands The lowest price of big brand notarization, the high-quality products, the market integrity created by strong strength, issued the most high-quality sound of the high-quality low-cost home industry.

It is understood that the top 100 home brands linked by the Red Star Macalline Group are all star crocodiles in the home industry: TOTO, Kohler, Aowei, Federation, Mona Lisa, Icon, Europe, Top More than 100 first-line home brands such as Gu, Anna, Champion, Gold, and Dragon Cabinet cover all categories of home improvement, home and building materials, and many first-line brands are gathered. It is worth mentioning that this event is a joint effort of the Red Star Macalline Group, factories, shopping malls and dealers. The supply price is directly profitable, the subsidies are layered, and the determination and the spirit of “100 brands to penetrate the reserve price” are truly Let the benefits to consumers, plus Red Star Macalline has been insisting on the "three times the price difference in the same city" service commitments, vowed to penetrate the home industry price bottom line.

At the same time, Tiangu Decoration is the only home improvement partner of this collection, and Shangshe Electric will be the only designated home appliance partner to help out. The home improvement, home, home appliances, tourism and other industries will be unveiled at the exhibition center. Offer a spring feast for consumers.

Grab the "Jetnership Tickets" and listen to "China's Good Voices"

Red Star Macalline

Invited voice students to sing the mountain city

Participate in the "Spring Home Collections" on March 16th, and enjoy the rare offers of Red Star Macalline and the top 100 home brands, home improvement and home appliances, travel, dining, entertainment, wedding and other related industries. Zhiwen, Dashan, and Zou Hongyu, three popular voice students, sang songs and sang the mountain city. From now on, consumers in the city can go to the Red Star Macalline main city stores or districts and counties to handle the point of purchase.

"Jetging Fair Tickets" Hot Sale in the City

The 20-yuan/Zhang "Spring Home Collection" ticket is limited to 10,000 tickets. Since its release, it has been popular among consumers in the city, and it is urgently popular at a rate of about 2,000 per week.

On the weekend afternoon, the author saw in the Red Star Meikailong Jiangbei store that the consumers who came to apply for the admission ticket would be surrounded by the service desk. The hotline for the ticketing has been ringing all the time. Many consumers went to the mall early in the morning. Come to queue up to grab tickets. A consumer who is waiting to buy a ticket said: "Our family likes to watch China's good voice. This time they have to go to Chongqing to open a concert. They must not miss it! Just at home, they are renovating the house, buy 20 yuan. With the admission ticket, you can enjoy more than one hundred brands and enjoy the concert, which is really cost-effective!"

The main city 9 district + Jiangjin and other districts and counties simultaneously sold

It is worth mentioning that this time, in addition to selling tickets for the collection and collection in the main city, the Red Star Macalline also arranged staff to go to the main city and all districts and counties to apply for admission tickets.

It is understood that Beibei, Hechuan, Changshou, Jiangjin and other places can directly buy tickets for the collection and collection, and then other districts and counties in Chongqing will also open the processing points. According to the organizer, only 2,000 tickets have been pre-purchased for nearly 2,000 tickets in the two days of the weekend. The public's rush to buy is unprecedented. Want to see the home show, want to grab the price of home, you want to listen to China's good voice, you must act quickly!

Ticketing time: from now until March 15

Ticket location: Red Star Meikailong Jiangbei Store / Nanping Store

Handling method: pay 20 yuan to buy the admission ticket, send 1300 yuan home package + pump luxury appliances + value gift + deposit to send a good voice concert tickets.

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