The structure of the temperature test equipment consists of several parts

The temperature test equipment is generally composed of working room, regulating equipment, auxiliary equipment and control system. Among them, the regulation system includes heaters, evaporators, air supply devices, etc., the auxiliary equipment is the main room refrigeration unit, and the control system includes temperature controllers, program setters, and safety alarm devices.

The heater is mostly realized by the electric heating method of the resistance wire or the electric heating tube; in addition to the natural heating of the drying oven for the high temperature test of the non-radiating sample, it is generally equipped with an air supply device for forced air circulation, and the air supply method is mostly used on the upper side. The method of sending the lower back or the top of the full hole plate to the lower side is very important for the uniform performance of the entire test equipment.

Most of the refrigeration methods used are mechanical refrigeration. The refrigerator has a semi-closed or fully enclosed form. The cooling circuit also has a water-cooled or air-cooled form. The refrigerant is now mostly environmentally friendly. The throttling method uses a capillary or electronic expansion valve, which can be improved. Accuracy and longevity of the circuit, and can work continuously for a long time.

The control system generally adopts the PID method now, so that the heating power can be automatically adjusted and controlled according to the deviation of the actual temperature of the device from the set temperature, to achieve stepless adjustment, and the temperature fluctuation is small; the display part is also upgraded from the previous digital display mode to the LCD touch screen mode. The picture is clearer and more beautiful, and it is easier to operate.

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