The development of the furniture industry is on an overall upward trend. The sales model needs to be upgraded.

At present, China's domestic furniture sales forms mainly include the following: First, large-scale furniture shopping malls, where manufacturers rent furniture to sell furniture, and dealers rent space to operate office furniture. The former accounts for the vast majority, while the operating varieties are mainly civilian furniture. Both have office furniture. Second, the dealers self-built or rented the sales venues to completely operate in a self-operated manner. The third is the operation of specialty stores, which are generally self-operated by separate brands, with domestic large-scale production enterprises and famous foreign brands. Fourth, department stores opened up venues to manage furniture.

The above-mentioned several modes of operation are the main methods of furniture sales. In addition, there are also furniture orders issued by way of bidding, most of which are carried out in the form of government procurement. According to the bidding law promulgated by the state, the state-approved department to the enterprise The bidding documents shall be submitted by the furniture manufacturer, and the winning bidder shall produce the furniture samples. After passing the examination, the products shall be delivered according to the requirements of the users. China's furniture market is still immature, the furniture dealer team has not yet formed, and it is in the process of growth. The entire furniture market needs to continuously increase capital investment and adopt advanced management mode while self-improvement.

With China's accession to the WTO, joining the WTO has brought rare opportunities for development in China's economy, providing an excellent opportunity for China to achieve economic integration with the world. China's economy has continued to develop steadily, and the capital construction has entered a period of vigorous growth. The unprecedented expansion of domestic demand has also brought new opportunities to the furniture industry. At the same time, joining the WTO will attract a large amount of overseas capital inflows, bring opportunities for joint ventures and cooperation for many small and medium-sized furniture companies, and use external forces to improve the level of marketing planning, quality management, product packaging and standardized production management of furniture enterprises. In addition, China's accession to the WTO with the treatment of developing countries will promote the development of the traditional light textile building materials industry. This will further reduce the cost of raw material procurement, thereby reducing the cost of furniture production and enhancing the competitiveness of the enterprise market.

After joining the WTO, due to the reduction of furniture tariffs, it will promote the growth of furniture import and export and provide furniture export opportunities. Joining the World Trade Organization will promote the establishment of information databases, the development of new products, the protection of intellectual property rights, the use of new and high technologies, and the use of new materials. After joining the WTO in 2002, it has had a positive impact on the Chinese furniture industry. The continued growth of furniture exports is a good example.

China has become a big country in furniture production in the world, and it is also an important country in furniture consumption. China has a population of 1.3 billion, and a huge potential consumer market has attracted worldwide attention. At present, China's per capita furniture consumption level is still low. Luo Baihui said that with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, furniture consumption will definitely increase. If China's per capita furniture consumption level reaches the consumption level of medium-developing countries such as Thailand and the Philippines, that is, per capita per year. Around 20 dollars, its total consumption is also more than 200 billion yuan. Therefore, it is expected that there will be great potential for the growth of furniture production in the furniture industry.

In the 21st century, the Chinese government has proposed to accelerate the pace of urbanization and small urbanization. Fully prosper the rural economy and accelerate the process of urbanization, in order to further stimulate the consumer market and expand the consumption sector. This national initiative will further promote the construction of housing in China, which will lead to the development of housing-related industries. According to the needs of the society and the needs of development, the State Council has proposed the industrialization of housing. This initiative will drive the standardization, serialization and industrialization of tens of thousands of products for housing. Due to the development of residential industrialization, housing enters the market as a commodity, providing a space for development of various types of furniture and accessory products.

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