Heilongjiang unqualified floor up to 60%

In order to strengthen the supervision of floor quality in the circulation field, the industrial and commercial department of Heilongjiang Province recently commissioned an authoritative inspection agency to conduct quality inspections on 54 batches of floor sales sold by 47 operators in Daqing, Yichun and Qitaihe. The results showed that 21 batches were qualified and 33 batches were not qualified. About 60% of the floor sold in Heilongjiang Province was unqualified.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Heilongjiang Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, the main problem of the 33 batches of unqualified floor samples is that the surface wear resistance is unqualified, and the number of aluminum oxide in the surface wear paper used is low; The quality of the floor substrate was unqualified, and the main combination strength, static bending strength and water absorption thickness expansion rate were unqualified.

There are many problems with the quality of the floor. How do companies manage themselves?

Product quality is the foundation of flooring companies

With the development of the market, the flooring market has gradually turned to standardization, but at present, unqualified plates such as “five bad boards” still exist on the market. According to experts, the so-called "five bad boards" refers to the general name of five kinds of unqualified plates, that is, the strange taste board (formaldehyde is seriously exceeded), the crisp core board (low price and low quality), short life board (not wearable), Workshop board (non-standard sheet produced by small woodworking factory), Li ghost board (imposing, imitation, copying Gong brand plate). The “five bad boards” were put on the market at very low prices. In this case, the brand floor has been cut in price to ensure market share. The reporter found in the market that many dealers generally have the words “first-class products” and “excellent products” on the floor. According to relevant experts, the technical requirements for superior products are very high, only 23 indicators are required, and must be superior. Wood, in the actual production process, the requirements for paint quality, wood processing precision, twill, insect eyes, and embryonic enamel are very strict, so many so-called "first-class products" and "excellent products" are actually just "qualified products." "It's all."

Now some flooring companies are not very standard in the market, they are not very standard, and they are so high-spirited that the most basic product quality is not rushing to launch the market, using gimmicks to attract attention and want to occupy the market. In fact, for a flooring company, the product is its fundamental problem. If a flooring brand wants to occupy a place in the market, its products are decisive. In the current market, if there is no mature product, then investment will not succeed. Even if some dealers are misled, the final sales will not be worth the loss due to the immature products. Therefore, if a flooring company wants to win the market, it must first do a good job of solving the product problem and solve its marketing problem.

How to protect the rights of unqualified floor consumers

In the process of consumption of home improvement materials, on the one hand, the technical level required for identification is high, and many problems cannot be directly seen from the surface, and the materials used for the home decoration materials such as flooring are numerous and complicated, and the difficulty of discrimination is increased. On the other hand, not only the material is important, but also the installation is very important. In the later stage of the use of the floor, foaming, cracking, etc., the gaps in the subsequent laying of the floor are generally caused by the construction of the inexperienced renovation team. The identification of responsibilities is relatively difficult, and in most cases consumers can only eat dumb losses.

For consumers who have caused disputes and want to defend their rights through legal means, lawyers believe that consumers can claim compensation from floor manufacturers. First of all, it depends on whether there are quality problems in the floor, and the floor is stained, fogged, and reflective. Not because of quality or because of improper maintenance, and secondly, the provisions of the Three Guarantees section. If the result of the test or identification is indeed due to quality or due to improper maintenance, the consumer should claim from the merchant.

First of all, regarding whether there is quality problem in the floor, there is controversy between the consumer and the manufacturer. The consumer can entrust the relevant appraisal agency to identify the floor, so as to clear the occurrence of spot, fog and reflection on the floor is the so-called normal phenomenon or quality of the manufacturer. problem. Secondly, if it is damage caused by improper maintenance, according to Article 35, paragraph 3 of the Consumer Protection Law: If the consumer’s legitimate rights and interests are damaged when receiving the service, the service provider may be required to pay compensation. According to this, the consumer can claim compensation from the unit where the maintenance master is located.

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