Teach you to distinguish common five types of rosewood

In addition to the precious materials, mahogany furniture is the most attractive part of many collectors in its styling and craftsmanship. According to the currently used "Redwood" (GB/T18107-2000) standard, redwood is divided into 5 genera, 8 classes and 33 species, among which rosewood, rosewood, huanghuali, rosewood, and wenge are the most common.

Then, when people buy mahogany furniture, how do you distinguish the texture of different mahogany? In this regard, we have invited relevant professionals to classify and interpret for everyone.

Yellow pear pear texture is clear and fragrant

Huanghua pear, also known as old pear, refers to Hainan huanghuali in the traditional concept. It belongs to the genus Dalbergia, a subfamily of the genus Dipterocarpaceae. It is called "fragrant branch" in the area of ​​Guangdong. The color ranges from light yellow to purple red. Bright, textured and scented.

Therefore, the whole body is generally used in the production of furniture, without carving, thus highlighting the natural beauty of wood texture. However, most of the popular "Huanghua Pear" on the market are Vietnamese rosewood, Laohua pear, Burmese rosewood, Cambodian rosewood, etc. The color texture is slightly similar to that of Hainan huanghuali in ancient furniture, but the color is not as bright as Hainan huanghuali.

There are many twisted silk patterns in the rosewood ring

According to the traditional new and old red sandalwood, the author thinks that "the old man is purple, the new one is red". After actual observation, the reddish people are mostly black rosewood, and the old red sandalwood is the traditionally recognized cow hairline red sandalwood.

At the same time, the color of the rosewood presents the rhinoceros character. When exposed to the air for a long time, it turns into purple-black. The annual ring pattern of the rosewood is mostly skein-like. Some people call it crab claw or cow hair, although there are also straight silk. The place, but the fine look always has twisted silk; the rosewood is fine and the wood is heavy. When making the rosewood furniture, it uses its natural features, using the light method, without carving.

Rosewood new and old rosewood value difference

The rosewood is colorful, the texture is clear and beautiful, and there are also new and old points. Among them, the new rose pear refers to all kinds of grass pears, and the wood color is red.

Pear is mainly produced in Southeast Asia and in Guangdong, Guangxi, China, and all kinds of turf pears are classified into red genus. The main genus of flowers in the south of China is attributed to the genus Red Bean, but the genus Red Bean is no longer among the "five genus". To buy rosewood, you must find the rosewood on the express card.

The rosewood smells sour

There are many kinds of rosewood, which are the genus Dalbergia in the legumes. They are roughly divided into three types, namely black rosewood, red rosewood and white rosewood. Their common characteristics are processing. In the process, a taste of vinegar is given, hence the name of sour.

It is worth noting that among the three rosewoods, black rosewood is the best, its color is from purple to purple or purple, the wood is hard, the polishing effect is good, and some are very close to the rosewood; The texture is more obvious than the black rosewood, the texture is straight, the color is mostly jujube red; the color of the white rosewood is much lighter than the red rosewood, and the color is close to the grass pear.

Chicken wing wood grain road like chicken wings

The wenge wood is a species of the genus Arachis and Trichoderma, which is widely distributed and can be roughly divided into three types: African yamu wood, white flower yamu wood and iron wood. The chicken wing wood is similar to the chicken wings. name.

Chicken wing wood was once called "Hainan Wenmu", some white black chapters, some color yellow purple, oblique sawing wood grain showing fine flower clouds, in addition to fine texture, there are purple and brown shades of crab claws, look closely In addition to the characteristics of chicken wings, the longitudinal section is more delicately floating in wood grain, naturally forming various characters and landscape patterns.

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