SMS group wedding invitations are more stylish and environmentally friendly

More and more young people are now advocating SMS group wedding invitations, so we have also followed up some users of our SMS group messaging software. Let's take a look at their views on SMS group wedding invitations.

Through the introduction, the reporter interviewed Ms. Wang who also used SMS to send mass notifications to the wedding. Ms. Wang said, "I think it is very environmentally friendly and saves paper to send wedding notices by SMS." Ms. Wang also said that many friends around her also used this method to notify the wedding.

Regarding the wedding notice text message, the reporter randomly interviewed many citizens on the streets of the fortification. Citizen Uncle Chen told reporters, "It is a tradition of our country to send wedding invitations in person for many years, and it is a manifestation of respect for people. Now young people want to save trouble even when they get married. The wedding is a lifelong event, and such mass notifications seem very Not solemn! "Mr. Li, a citizen, said that it is not bad to send SMS messages for mass wedding notifications. Sending to friends and classmates is no different from sending invitations in person." Anyway, everyone is familiar with each other, they can understand, and they can save something. " It is more suitable for young people to send "SMS invitations" with mobile phones. Editing a text message and pressing the mass send button did save a lot for married people who were too busy with the wedding. A married friend told reporters that 200 people were invited when they got married, bought the invitation cards and filled them out one by one, and then gave them one by one to relatives and friends who lived in the city. It took a lot of time And energy. Now the way of using SMS invitations is quick and cost-saving.

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