Diversification of Drug Types Brings Diversification of Drug Packaging

In recent years, the pharmaceutical market in China has grown at a rapid rate. All enterprises have attached great importance to the packaging of pharmaceuticals. The gross value of production of the pharmaceutical packaging industry accounts for more than 10% of the total value of the packaging industry in the country. Today, new products and new types of medicaments are emerging. The pharmaceutical packaging material industry has a huge market space and broad prospects.
In simple terms, drug packaging materials are the abbreviation for packaging materials and containers that come in direct contact with drugs. They and the drugs they contain make up a complete marketable drug, which, to a certain degree, affects the stability and safety of listed drugs during their effective period. quality.
Drug packaging materials belong to the category of pharmaceutical packaging. With the rapid development of social economy, the pharmaceutical packaging industry has become more and more mature. The diversification of drug types has also brought diversification into the form of pharmaceutical packaging and accelerated the development of the pharmaceutical packaging industry.
Compared with foreign countries, the production level of pharmaceutical packaging materials in China is apparently still in the primary stage: lack of accuracy in drug dosage, lack of children's drug packaging; drug packaging is rough, inconvenient to access; special management of poison, hemp, fine, and release The lack of safety in the packaging of pharmaceuticals, the over-large minimum packaging of pharmaceuticals, and the inability to meet the common needs of clinical use make the overall value of pharmaceuticals greatly compromised.
Obviously, at present, the contribution rate of pharmaceutical packaging materials to the pharmaceutical industry in China is relatively low: in developed countries, pharmaceutical packaging has accounted for about 30% of the drug value, but this proportion in China is still less than 10%, and currently 65% ​​of China's pharmaceutical packaging The level still lags behind the world average level in the 1980s, and there is considerable room for growth.
In addition, new formulations of pharmaceuticals are emerging in an endless stream, and the accompanying pharmaceutical packaging materials are still slow to follow up and have a huge market potential. With the continuous efforts of the relevant departments and the pharmaceutical industry, China's drug regulatory regulations and drug standards have been continuously improved and gradually achieved international standards.
At present, the state is also increasing its efforts in the development of pharmaceutical packaging materials industry. Most of the projects have been listed in the list of industrial products and technologies that the country encourages to develop. This has also prompted the major companies to compete in the high-end market, the introduction of foreign advanced production lines, accelerate the pace of technological development, complete the upgrading of various pharmaceutical packaging materials.

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