Save 12 introductory restaurants to give you inspiration

When the heat comes, it will always make people lose their appetite, especially when the restaurant is messy... Then, it’s better to take a new dress for your restaurant and make your restaurant beautiful and you can’t leave, maybe you Have appetite! Let the editors give you support.

PAET1 saves the restaurant with creativity


Decorating TIPS: A creative table can save the restaurant. The trunk section and the randomly twisted legs are full of funny fun, which makes people laugh and laugh. The wood dolls on the table top are very contrasting and have a sense of afterthought.


Decorative TIPS: light blue wall, silhouette of birds and trees, white round table, checkered tablecloth, potted pots, so the designer has successfully created a fairy tale world, which makes people forget to return, such a restaurant will definitely improve you Appetite!


Decorating TIPS: If it's just a rectangular dining room kitchen and white main tones, this restaurant can only be said to be comfortable at most. But the strawberry tablecloth has greatly added highlights, the bright red color brings vitality, and the four large strawberry patterns bring a sense of playfulness. It is not difficult to transform the restaurant.


Decorating TIPS: At first glance, I thought that the three big tablewares are real. In fact, they are just realistic wallpapers, but they bring a lot of freshness to this restaurant. The red plaid tablecloth brings color and vitality to this pure white space.

Single product recommendation


Product Name: Laco Table and Stool

Product brand: IKEA

Product Price:? 697

Editor's recommendation: The table legs and feet of this table and stool are more interesting, like reptiles, may go away at any time, very imaginative space, is the creative choice of the restaurant.

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