How do runners add protein?

Unlike the " muscle man " who are obsessed with protein powder, runners do not seem to pay much attention to protein, which is due to the difference in diet structure? Or is it different in sports characteristics? How do runners add protein? How small is more reasonable? Nutrition and training expert Matt Fitzgerald gave his insights.


     The three major nutrients in the daily diet: fat, carbon water and protein, it seems that only the protein is most respected, as if it is the best nutrients. Fat has been a " bad " for the past few decades , and carbon water has been increasingly embraced a " healthy " diet (note: Paleo diet, which refers to those who eat protein, miscellaneous grains, beans, fresh fruits, vegetables for The main dietary method, which constitutes a diet that is closer to the prehistoric era of the human diet, is named after the athletes and endurance sports enthusiasts. Only the protein is the most stable, and is highly respected by many nutrition experts and sports enthusiasts. In fact, the fate of fat and carbon water is due to our excessive intake in modern life, and the proportion of protein is small, and there is rarely a problem of excess.

     " Muscle men " are crazy about protein powder, boiled egg whites and boiled chicken breast. It seems that how much protein is ingested. They believe how much protein will grow when they eat, but in fact the muscles need very limited protein, and the body only stores a reasonable amount of protein. According to the World Health Organization, 10% of the protein intake per person per day is enough to maintain health. But because the runners are doing too much training, do you need more protein to rebuild muscles and help restore? At least the study of elite runners in Kenya did not reach such a conclusion. The proportion of protein in the daily diet of these elite runners is only 10% of the daily calorie intake .

     Another type of intake indicator that cannot be accepted is the calculation of intake based on body weight, because the amount of protein required for runners of the same weight and those who do not exercise may be different. The total intake of runners may be more than the general population, so the same proportion of protein intake should be more. The current recommended data is that for a normal person, 0.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight (about 1.1 grams per kilogram of body weight) is required for a high intensity training population of 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight (about 1.7 grams per kilogram of body weight).

     There are only two aspects to confirming that protein is good for training :

1. The protein in food is mainly (more than 30% of total calories ). After a lot of strength training, the weight loss is mainly fat. If the food is mainly carbon water, after high intensity training, the fat consumed is much smaller than the weight. The total amount of decline (Note: protein supplementation is insufficient, muscles will also decrease with fat, which may be the reason why " muscle men " are obsessed with protein powder.).

2. An experiment with cyclists at the University of Birmingham. When the protein intake was increased from 0.68 g / lb body weight to 1.36 g / lb body weight. Physical attenuation after the end of high-intensity training is reduced (more protein anti-fatigue.)

According to the current research results, protein is not a magical prescription and does not require a large amount of daily supplementation. The timing of the supplement seems to be more important. Proteins need to be added before and during training to achieve immediate repair of the muscles after training. 20 grams of protein should be added during the first hour of training , and 15 grams per hour is recommended . This amount ensures immediate repair of the muscles after training.

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