Makeup tips for round face girls

How can the fat round face of the big round face be small and delicate? Knowing the following tips, you can easily create a face-lifting look.

Makeup tips for round face girls

“Face face is not round” to create a thin face makeup

Eyebrow makeup skills

Eyebrows are one of the keys to determining the balance of facial features, so even if you only change the eyebrow shape slightly, you will be surprised to find that the face is thinner and the facial features appear more three-dimensional. Draw a brow on the extension line on the outside of the eyeball, and draw a little longer on the eyebrow. This is the key to making the eyebrows look slim. In addition, if you want to make your face go to an hour, you must pick a high eyebrow to have an effect, and use the eyebrow pencil to hook up the angle. That is, the effect of elongating the face is made, so that the face has a three-dimensional effect.

In addition, when the eyebrows draw the eyebrows, they must remember a principle, that is, the brows should be light, the eyebrows can be aggravated, the eyebrows should be natural and smooth, so that the three-dimensional natural effect can be achieved, and the eyebrows should be drawn in a virtual and realistic manner. . The eyebrow color should be coordinated with the individual skin color and the makeup you want to make (generally the eyebrow color is lighter than the hair color).

Eye shadow technique

The blue eyeshadow makes the whole face look slender and neat. The lower eyelids draw a strong color, which makes the eyes deep and eye-catching, and the face becomes slender and neat. Secondly, brushing the eye socket with brown eyeshadow is also a technique to create eye shadows. In addition, draw a dark blue upper and lower eyeliner along the eyelids to emphasize the presence of the eye.

The eyes use dark eyeshadow to deepen the nose. Apply blush powder to the middle of the eyelids and apply a little heavier on both sides of the nose.

Lip makeup tips

Choosing a brightly colored lipstick can make your cheeks look thinner and your face smaller. And it also has the effect of making the skin texture meticulous, transparent, and beautiful. The brightly colored lipstick will only make the lips look fuller and bigger. As for the rose lipstick in the green system, it also has obvious effects on the three-dimensional three-dimensional and the modification of the face. However, if you use too much white or high-intensity rose red, it will make the lips thicker without narrowing the lips.

Lipstick can be painted in a shallow bow on the upper lip, and can not be painted into a small round mouth, so as to avoid the rounded shape.

Blushing skills

Round face, when drawing blush, you should use a straight line to increase the slenderness of the face, blush the blush, use the large brush to blush, shake off the excess powder, and then Brush the cheekbones to the center of the face to avoid over-weighting.

When applying makeup, you can use a darker repairing cake (ie, blush) to dye in a long line, emphasizing the vertical line, stretching the round face, and concealing the round face too childish.

How to choose foundation

Foundation, can be used to create shadows on the cheeks, making the round face a little thinner. Use a dark-tone foundation, apply it narrowly down the forehead near the hairline, and widen the area of ​​the appetite under the humerus, causing the brightness of the face to gradually concentrate on the nose, lips, and chin near the tibia.

With a dark foundation, this round face will feel slender and three-dimensional, using the visual effects of light and dark colors to create a facial angle. Strengthen the t-shaped part, and decorate the part of the upper forehead and chin with bright colors. For example: add a white foundation between the chin and the forehead.

Focus on grooming

In order to enhance the effect of the round face shape, the makeup is focused on the contours so that the overall face looks close to the goose egg shape. Face shadows should be applied diagonally, and the nose side should also be shaded, using a dark foundation cream. The range of the brightening is slightly narrower to avoid the feeling of expansion on the face.

Pay attention to the treatment of makeup brightening and shading

On the makeup surface, pay attention to the makeup brightening and shading treatment, the brightening under the eyes can be properly extended, the shin bone is brightened, and the mandibular parts on both sides are darkened, thus avoiding the feeling of the round face type flesh. It enhances the three-dimensionality of the face. Of course, there is also an important part, that is, the brightening of the nose can be extended appropriately, so that the slender face is shaped! I hope that teaching the round face how to make a round face will be mm Look! It can bring you useful knowledge of fashion.

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