Gel glue and machine equipment

Special glue gel for hardcover linkage line: hardcover special back gel glue is professionally configured for the spine of hardcover book. It has the characteristics of slow speed and strong toughness. It is suitable for triple sticking of hardcover linkage lines.

Medium-speed crusty machine gel glue: used for the production of various gift boxes and skins, fast curing, drying time is about 60 seconds, which is a common low-speed jelly glue, glue can enhance cardboard hardness, with strong The softness is suitable for semi-automatic shell machine with heating equipment, paste machine, and paste machine.

High-speed gluing machine gel glue: suitable for hardcover bookcase production, with the characteristics of fast curing and high toughness, strong folding, the highest speed can be 60-80 per minute machine, suitable for automatic high-speed leather Shell machine use.

Gel glue for low-speed semi-automatic equipment: manual or semi-automatic machine glue. The drying speed of this type of glue is slow. After the top paper is glued, the glue is sticky in 120 seconds and does not solidify. This will allow enough time for the production of their own. Suitable for semi-automatic pasting machines, gluing machines and hand-use pastes.

The above is Dongguan Zhongbang gel glue, jelly glue for you to share, we specialize in producing high-end gift boxes, hardcover book cover, folder class production used by the jelly glue. We look forward to your inquiry.

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