Dustproof test box application field and technical parameters

The dustproof test box is a test equipment for testing the dustproof capacity of the test piece by artificially simulating the dust environment. It is mainly suitable for dustproof and dustproof test of automobile parts. Test components include lights, instruments, electrical dust jackets, steering systems, door locks, etc. With the harsh environment and more and more dust storms, natural disasters cannot be avoided. What we can do is to improve product quality, strengthen various defense capabilities of products, lamp, instrument, electrical dust jacket, steering system, door. Locks and the like are often affected by the dust environment during storage, transportation and use. In particular, automotive electrical appliances are more affected by sand and dust. Sand dust test chambers are artificially simulated natural dust environments, dust-proof test chambers. The basic structure and principle performance, in addition to meeting the requirements of the national standard GB/T4942.2 for low-voltage electrical enclosure protection, can also provide non-dust flow dust and vertical circulating airflow, with the ability to observe and recycle dust. It can create a more ideal and realistic dust test environment, providing an all-weather test environment to achieve dust resistance in the short term.
The main technical parameters of the dustproof test box are as follows: 1. The nominal spacing of the metal mesh is 50um, and the nominal spacing between the wires is 70μm;
2. Air flow speed: ≤ 2m / s (standard type) or ≥ 2m / s (description when ordering);
3. Continuously select the time setting for continuous blowing of the cycle;
4. The dosage of talc powder is 2kg~4kg/m3;
5. Test dust: dry talcum powder, Portland cement, smoked ash, etc.;
6. The vibration time is adjustable from 0 to 9999M.
7. Fan cycle time is 0~9999M;
8. Standard configuration: sand dust test equipment is equipped with 2 test racks and 2kg talcum powder;
9. Power requirements: AC380 (±10%) V/50HZ three-phase five-wire;

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