Let's decorate together at Tanabata! The wardrobe is designed to create a love hut

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Tanabata is coming soon, many big lords are doing it for the Tanabata, and they are guilty, giving flowers, giving chocolate no new ideas, then there is no other way to do it? Let's decorate the wardrobe together. Create a happy cottage that is a young couple!

Wardrobe design renderings one:

Wardrobe design renderings

Girls always feel that there is always one less piece of clothing in their closet! So how important is the cloakroom for girls. It is not the clothing of the season, and it can be sorted and stored in a storage basket. With a dressing mirror, a clear overall design, and a warm color match, this cloakroom is also perfect.

Wardrobe design renderings 2:

Cloakroom renovation

This cloakroom design, dear, she should like it. The space in the cloakroom allows the storage to be used extremely, whether it is the hanging area or the partition area, which gives the family enough storage space. In the middle, it is also humanized to add a soft bag stool. When you are tired, you can sit and look for inspiration.

Wardrobe design renderings three:

Cloakroom design

The irregular space, the wardrobe made of wood logs by woodwork, makes good use of the corner space. What's more important is that the closed cloakroom has a lot of environmental protection. And the storage is so large, it can well accommodate the clothes of the male owner and the hostess, which is a must for the loved one.

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