The role of bicycle exerciser

The role of the bicycle exerciser Date:2014-08-06 12:12
In order to make it clear why the indoor exercise device has the outstanding efficacy in the exercise machine, it is necessary to first clarify its medical basis. Indoor fitness body refers to the type of bicycle. In a word: "Heart and lung function related to continuous aerobic exercise can be improved." It is generally believed that whether it is a bicycle or an indoor exerciser, "all of them are rotational movements of the ankle. It exercises the muscles of the leg, so "This is good for good health." In fact, this view is wrongly advising ordinary riding bicycles other than bicycle racing, physical fitness, and riding a bicycle in daily life. The speed is generally 10kmh/, and the maximum speed is 30km/h. Consumed power of 0.05 to O.ZHP is sufficient, and the power required for the foot does not reach the point where "the leg muscles need to be exercised." The pedaling force corresponding to this power is insignificant for the “exercise leg strength”. It is not the same as manual labor, so it is impossible to achieve the effect of reaching the muscle popping out. The so-called “exercises the leg muscles, so This extremely good wish for health is probably caused by the old saying "people are old and old". Physical fitness and exercise In our daily lives we often refer to the word “physical energy”. In terms of the definition of science, it covers a wide range of content. Social habitually referred to as "physical fitness", for example, "physical fitness test" means, in most cases, the meaning of "exercise fitness, that is, ability to exercise." This should be called "physical fitness" in the narrow sense, and the use of indoor fitness equipment can The item that produces a health effect is only a very small part of the physical fitness range, and it is only the “durability” item in the “Functionality” item of “Action Capability.” That is to say, an indoor fitness device is by no means a kind of omnipotent energy. Fitness machines that want to increase "power", muscle strength, fitness, and entertainment plus flexibility are not available. It is very important to fully understand that indoor exercise machines do not receive training machines like those found in sports clubs. The muscles have a prominent effect, and it can increase people's "durability", which is an effect that is invisible to the naked eye. It is caused by the aforementioned "increasing cardiopulmonary function" to "prevent adult diseases". Very important role.

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