Wood door double-sided solid wood door paint defect articles

Everything has its double-sidedness, and the solid wood door is no exception. The wooden door tells you that the solid wood door in the wooden door industry mainly includes solid wood composite doors and solid wood doors. The most important thing for solid wood doors is paint. Craftsmanship, many manufacturers will cut corners in this area, here tell you the eight performances of solid wood door paint defects, so that you no longer worry about buying defective products:

Cracking: After the veneer is pasted, the surface produces a gap larger than 0.3mm, which often occurs in the large deformation or splicing of the veneer. This is also the most common defect in the veneer process.

Crack: There are two types of longitudinal cracks and ring cracks. The longitudinal crack penetrates the wood texture and gradually extends; the ring crack is mostly produced between the wood texture and does not extend.

Insect eye: the eye that remains after the insect. After the wood is artificially dried, the mites have died, and the worms will not develop any more, but the presence of the worms will be beautiful.

Texture: The texture of a good wood is a regular texture, such as a messy texture or a low level of wooden door with inverted flow.

Decay: wood tissue necrosis, mildew, discoloration, so the texture is loose and the strength is reduced.

Penetration: After the veneer is vulcanized, the adhesive leaks out of the outer surface of the veneer to form a rubber spot. The adverse effect is that the surface of the workpiece may be spotted after painting.

Bubbling: Bubbling is the swelling and air bubbles of the veneer after gluing. The repairing process is troublesome and greatly affects the production efficiency.

Lack of glue: refers to the phenomenon of partial lack of adhesive or discontinuity of adhesive layer between the substrate and the veneer after hot pressing, mainly caused by uneven coating or low viscosity of the adhesive.

The above is the eight major performances of solid wood door paint defects. How do consumers have any imagination in the purchase process? It is recommended that consumers do not buy, which affects the appearance and the service life is not long. It is best to buy solid wood doors without problems. These are extremely Home advice for you.

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