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瑞克和莫蒂 VR游戏下载_攻略_完整汉化 手机VR游戏_苹果和安卓手机下载专区 第1张

Rick and Moti have been transferred to your living room for adult swimming and the leading VR adventure at Job Simulator. When you explore Rick's garage, the Smith family and the alien world, you can play like a Morty clone.

Experience the cloning of Rick in life and all the trauma that comes with it. Go through the portal to the weird VR virtual reality world, help Rick with his singular experiments, and use your hands to pick up and interact with the 3D Rick-ality in VR. Follow Rick's direction (or don't!) to solve puzzles and complete missions in this complete sound adventure.


This is the favorite 2D character in 3D. This is RICK and MORTY VR! They are now 3D

-Probe, prod, throw and smash are iconic items like Plumbus.

- There is this thing!

- Flow around the room and walk through the portal.

-not quite! You walk through your virtual portal with your actual footsteps!

- Scream by Rick and question your own value.

- Rick on the face.

- Fake door!

瑞克和莫蒂 VR游戏下载_攻略_完整汉化 手机VR游戏_苹果和安卓手机下载专区 第2张

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality game support device