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Outdoor sports rookie Greenfield Wilderness Sports Club Date:2016-03-11 14:41

In our modern life, driven by survival and development, people are always busy with their livelihoods, and the fast-paced, high-efficiency modern life has heightened people's nerves and lives. In this long-term life, people's eyes become shallow, psychological malformations develop, and the body is susceptible to various modern urban syndromes, and the health conditions are getting worse. People long for a thorough physical and mental relaxation and maintain a healthy psychological condition. Although there are many similar industries in the city serving this purpose, such as saunas, various massages, and some recreational sports, they are mostly outward appearances, temporary relaxation, and treatment of impregnation. Xiao Bian interviewed the general manager of the outdoor rookie Anhui Greenfield Lake Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.'s Green Field Lake Sports Club. Zheng Zheng said that the real physical and mental relaxation and psychological adjustment is best to go back to nature, standing on the top of the mountain, the world of the eyes, swinging a layer of clouds, a list of small mountain

The kind of feelings that arise spontaneously should be extensive. The worldly disputes, fame and fortune, and honors and gains and losses of the human world will become light, and they will understand what is mooring, what is inaction, all things, and what kind of life they experience. The concept of life can maintain a true self, and when it comes to this realm, it is the physical and mental relaxation and attainment of the world. When you return to the city, you will be more smiling and less annoying. Of course, our embrace of nature does not evade everything in the city. It should be actively adjusting ourselves, understanding ourselves, transforming ourselves, and drawing new ideas, new energy from nature, and investing more into the times and lives. At the pace of going.

Xiao Bian had the privilege of participating in the outdoor camping activities on the Dabieshan Greenfield Lake Base organized by the defending Weidong Manager under the arrangement of Chairman Yang Xiaotong.

The ancients said that benevolent people love mountains and wise men love water. Is this not the most ancient concept of outdoor sports? And I don't know that this short seven-day outdoor experience in the Wilderness Sports Club gave me outdoor sports. With deep experience and feelings, comprehension, understanding. Here I became acquainted with the general manager of Li Kuoyu, a senior field survival instructor for the humorous Greenfield Lakes Shandong branch. I met Yu Miao-mei, the director of the livelihood of the lovely green lakes and outdoor photography, and felt the grandness of nature, the majestic mountains of the Dabie Mountains, the sweetness of the streams, the excitement of camping, and the shouting of mountains and forests. The heart of the people is like a cleansing of the internal organs. It feels like a cool, immortal, human, and natural one, and the feeling of return is spontaneous;

The group's active and happy are more passionate. You don't want to go when you join in. The event is not over yet and you are looking forward to the next start. You can squeeze time, change classes, find someone to watch children, and work for a loved one. The resources used have been developed as much as possible to liberate themselves, rush to the depths of nature, and look for long-term expectations. The biggest beneficiaries of the activity are everyone, releasing the pressures of work and life, learning from their perseverance, reaping health, Being happy, kind, responsible and obliged, understanding the mutual assistance and mutual understanding, and understanding the importance of solidarity.

Just as the manager of the Greenfield Lake Company's Ye Xiaohui said that outdoor sports cannot be completely started by one person and ended by one person. It is precisely because this circle has always had a tradition of mutual concern and common growth. Our doomed strangers can become the most familiar of each other's lives. We are happy, sad, and rewarding at the same frequency. We are brothers and sisters, we are the birth and death.

Everyone comes to this world and the length of life is limited. Everyone who comes to this world has a limited sense of beauty. Everyone who comes to this world can make friends with them. . With climbing, this kind of limited, though still existing, but the value and significance of life, there is another level of experience. In the end, Xiao Bian solemnly recommended the Wilderness Lake Wilderness Club to the country’s outdoor enthusiasts. Their service is absolutely dear. Please remember that their operation center is located at 28 Daguang Road, Qinhuai District, Nanjing.

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