Changes in raw material prices to new changes in the beverage bottle packaging market

The recovery of oil prices will have an impact on the entire industrial chain of beverage bottle packaging. Today, the author came to talk about how the rebound in oil prices has affected the beverage bottle-related market.

First, the cost of producing plastic beverage bottles will increase. Oil is the main raw material of PET beverage bottles, and the rising price of raw materials naturally leads to the price of beverage bottles. Second, the competitive advantage of glass beverage bottles will increase. Previously, low-cost PET beverage bottles were a great competitive advantage for many manufacturers considering cost. Now, the price of PET beverage bottles and glass beverage bottles is close, and the competition for glass beverage bottles is increasing. Once again, the beverage bottle recycling market will also pick up. Bottles of discarded beverages, once unattended, will be welcomed. The entire beverage bottle recycling market will be reactivated.

For beverage bottle manufacturers, how to rationalize the stocking of oil prices in order to reduce their impact on prices should be studied by manufacturers.

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