Daily broadcast - New regulations released in Hangzhou - Accelerating outdoor leisure industry

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1.Hangzhou announces new regulations - accelerate outdoor leisure industry

2. Create "Outdoor Capital" Jiuquan will host 21 events this year

3.Magic anti-fog technology extension step 2016 riding glasses released

4. Hefei is expected to build the first outdoor camp for astronomers

5. In addition to shoes that lace automatically, Nike Innovation also released what?

Hangzhou releases new regulations - accelerate outdoor leisure industry

Recently, Hangzhou issued the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of the Sports Industry and Promoting the Consumption of Sports," and listed the development of the sports leisure industry as the key point of industrial development. Relying on the resources of Hangzhou rivers, lakes, lakes and mountains, it focuses on the development of leisure sports and extreme sports such as water, mountain and air. Combining the construction of brand bases, developing high-end sports and leisure projects and expanding brand influence.

"Sports leisure" gradually became a hot word

After the "Several Opinions of the State Council on Accelerating the Development of the Sports Industry and Promoting Sports Consumption," the "Implementation Opinions" promulgated by provinces, regions, and municipalities, "Developing sports leisure industry" is a high-frequency vocabulary, Hubei, Hainan, Chongqing, Guizhou, and Tianjin. Other provinces and cities that have advantageous geographic advantages include the development of outdoor leisure sports as an important task. It proposed the development of mountain outdoor sports, water and outdoor sports, sports tourism and leisure and other health industries, the development of local characteristic leisure bases, and the cultivation of sports and leisure markets. From the current feedback, the outdoor leisure industry is accelerating.

Build "Outdoor Capital" Jiuquan will host 21 events this year

Along with the heat wave of “Outdoor Capital” in Jiuquan City, the city has decided to hold 21 outdoor events in 2016, including 4 international events and 12 national events.

According to the person in charge of the Jiuquan Sports Bureau, outdoor sports are increasingly favored by the general public in Jiuquan City. The Jiuquan City Government has built an “outdoor capital” since 2015 and identified 21 outdoor sports events in 2016, including international competitions. 4 items, 12 national level events.

It is understood that the four international competitions are the “2016 First 100km International Jiuquan Silk Road” held in Jinta County from April 29 to May 2. They are in melon from May 22 to May 26. The “11th Business School Gobi Challenge” held in the state and counties, and the “2016 Jiuquan International Gobi Super Marathon” held from August to September in Suzhou District, September 26-October 6 in Guazhou County The "800th Quicksand Limit Competition" was held.

Magic Anti-fog Technology Extension Step 2016 Riding Glasses Released

As a professional sports eyewear brand, Maxim has launched its 2016 new product, MAGIC anti-fog glasses. Extension step is committed to creating professional, safe, comfortable sports glasses for every outdoor sports enthusiast, and will use high-tech as the core strength to lead the new trend of outdoor sports.

The 2016-style Magic Fog-proof glasses use the latest generation of NXT anti-fog lenses produced by Sun-Solution, the world's optical giant's Essilor Group. NXT anti-fog lens has excellent anti-fog, anti-fouling, anti-static and other effects, and compared to the general soaking type anti-fog lens on the market, NXT anti-fog lens is more scratch-resistant, anti-fog effect is better, but also has both discoloration , impact resistance, waterproof, anti-crushing and other functions.

As the first brand of sports glasses in China that uses this lens technology, Esboor is the first company in China to introduce the Magic NXT color-changing anti-fog version equipped with this technology. The glasses retain the MAGIC's excellent frame design, increase the anti-fog function while carrying the NXT color technology, can automatically change color according to UV intensity, to meet the needs of wearers around the clock.

Hefei is expected to build the first outdoor camp for astronomers

Astronomers enjoy a collective outdoor view of the sky, and lovers walk in hand to admire cherry blossoms. These scenes will be staged in the northeast of the city. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the urban construction department that the two major scenic spots of Badong Park and the Ershihe River Corridor Park are being planned. If they are fast, they are expected to meet the public by the end of next year.

According to the plan, in the cherry blossom valley of the park, every year from late January to mid-April, red, green, yellow, white, and other colored cherry blossoms bloom one after another. If the clouds are like Xia, it is spectacular, enough to make visitors feel overwhelmed.

For tourists who like to explore the history and culture, Wang Yayi Memorial Park will provide cultural heritage sites - the tomb of the family of Wang Yaxi, through artistic transformation into a patriotic cultural memorial park, and form a patriotic education base. In addition, there are Guanlan Pavilions that can take in water views, exciting car cinemas, and car camps for travelers.

In addition to automatically lace shoes, Nike Innovation Conference also released?

North American Time On March 16, 2016, Nike held the 2016 Innovation Conference at the postal building adjacent to Pennsylvania Station in New York. The site was divided into different new product display areas according to Nike's different product line topics, and a total of 11 new products were released. Among them, Flyknit technology basically covered all footwear products, and CEO Mark Parker released Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 with automatic shoelace function as “One more thing” at the end of the speech.

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 is part of Make Parker's repeated mention of "personalized" products. The pair of shoes with sensor chips automatically tightens the shoelace after you reach in. The “+” and “-” buttons on the upper allow you to manually adjust the tightness. When the sneakers are in the adjustment state, the blue light of the heel part will light up, and the sneakers will issue the sound of "squeaking". It takes at least two weeks to charge the project technical director responsible for the on-site commentary

Tiffany Beers joked: "It doesn't need to be as frequent as your cell phone at least to charge."

This pair of shoes quickly became the focus of everyone's attention. A try-out person told Curiosity Daily that it didn’t feel like one person had tied the laces, “but it felt that the upper was on both sides”. He also said that this shoe is much lighter than he thought. Nike said it took 10 years to develop this pair of shoes. It first appeared as a concept product in the movie "Back to the Future."

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