Post-printing technology and wine anti-fake packaging (on)

First, the economic characteristics of liquor anti-counterfeiting packaging The drive for economic benefits is a major cause of the proliferation of fake wine. Wine is a special commodity. Its tax burden is relatively heavy. Its ratio between tax value and sales price (tax price ratio) is much higher than that of general commodities. The higher tax price ratio indicates that the wine industry is a national economic income. The main source is an indispensable aspect of the national economy, and evading taxation will undoubtedly damage the country's economic interests. The perpetrators use the characteristics of the high tax-to-price ratio of alcoholic products to implement counterfeiting and counterfeiting activities. Under the drive of economic interests, they manufacture counterfeit wines by producing a large number of fake wine labels, fake wine bottles, fake wine bottle caps, fake wine boxes, and fake wine boxes. Alcohol, industrial alcohol is mixed with water to make fake wine, and fake liquor is also sold through various channels. All these fraudulent activities and trafficking activities undoubtedly evaded the country’s tax collection and management and caused a huge loss of revenue to the country.
The low financial capacity of counterfeiters is a feature of alcohol-based counterfeit packaging. Judging from the cracked counterfeit wine case, the producers of fake liquor are mostly criminals with low economic ability. These people generally have poor cultural qualities and low technical skills. They are keen to implement them without much investment. Because of the counterfeiting activities, it is often seen in the market that there are particularly large numbers of fake goods that are rough and simple to package, and there are fewer cases where the packaging is complex and the products that are put into large quantities are relatively small. Alcoholic products also basically meet this rule. This is because the proliferation of fake wine is the result of economic interest. In the face of illegal economic interests, there is also a contradiction between input and output, and the illegal income derived from the sale of fake wine is used as the output. Then the funds used in counterfeiting are investments. When the investment required for counterfeiting is large enough, the counterfeiters will be powerless and can not commit counterfeiting. Therefore, making full use of the characteristics of counterfeiters with low economic interests and adopting post-printing methods can effectively suppress counterfeiters' counterfeiting.
Second, after the printing technology printing technology refers to the packaging and decoration printing process carried out after the packaging, is the first printing and packaging and decorating process different printing process. The usual packaging and decoration printing is carried out before the packaging, that is, the packaging is printed before the packaging of the goods. For example, an ordinary wine box is printed on the relevant company's paper box of the wine box first, and then the winery is packaged into a box. In contrast, printing technology is contrary to this. It requires the packaging of goods to be carried out first, and then printing, such as the labeling on the bottles, is not to fill the bottles before printing, but to require filling. Printing, of course, has special requirements for the location of printing.
Strictly speaking, post-printing technology is not a technology, but can only be regarded as a method, but in terms of anti-counterfeit packaging, since the location of printing will directly affect the effectiveness of anti-counterfeiting, it is said to be a technology. A technology with a specific meaning. 
Traditional packaging and decoration printing, whether direct printing or indirect printing, requires the participation of printing companies, thereby increasing the difficulty of anti-counterfeiting, mainly in two aspects: First, poor management is easy to lead to the loss of packaging, to the unlawful The shambling of counterfeiting provides opportunities; second, it cannot suppress the activities of criminals economically. Then printing technology is a good solution to these two issues.
Post-print anti-counterfeiting can economically suppress counterfeit counterfeit activities. Post-printing technology means that the packaging's decorating and printing processes are carried out after packaging, which is a different printing process than printing and packaging. Taking the post-printing process of ordinary wine as an example, the power of anti-counterfeiting can be seen. Ordinary Portuguese 丫 暮笥 9. 9. ひ瘴 br br br Wine bottling - lid - film - printing 
The printing process ensures that the pattern is distributed on the film and the bottle. The purpose cannot be achieved by the pre-printing method. Only after the packaging can the printing be implemented. Every enterprise must implement the post-printing technology and must add appropriate printing equipment. Unable to invest, thus inhibiting the counterfeiting of criminals economically.
The effect of post-printing technology anti-counterfeiting is directly proportional to the investment in equipment used in the field, that is, the greater the investment, the better the anti-counterfeiting effect. To make alcohol products have a good anti-counterfeiting effect, they should purchase high-precision printing equipment. One problem that should be paid attention to when using the printing anti-counterfeit method is to ensure that the purpose of destroying the anti-counterfeiting is achieved. If the packaging does not use a special design that fails to destroy the packaging when drinking, empty bottles and caps may be used to counterfeit after being recovered by criminals. Therefore, trying to undermine the integrity of the old packaging, so that empty bottles can no longer be used, and its anti-counterfeiting effect will be better. (To be continued)

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