Bar code printing should pay attention

The packaging of goods entering the supermarket has a set of barcodes that are arranged by regular stripes, spaces, and corresponding numbers, and are read and recognized by a computer (automatic product sales system POS machine). Commodity bar code makes the efficiency of the logistics of the delivery, purchase, inventory, and sales of goods greatly improved. The printing company must understand the product code bar code rules, production standards, printing requirements and how to read and other technical knowledge in order to make its products The barcode on it is as beautiful as its product.
The characters in the barcode are 13 digits and are divided into four sections: the first 3 digits are the country code; the second 4 digits are the manufacturer's code; the third 5 digits are the commodity code; the fourth paragraph is 1 digit. The number is the standard check number. If the barcode is printed and used, there is no guarantee of the uniqueness of the code, a few characters or a few yards. When several different products are sold in the same POS system, the barcode scanner reads the same product. The code, the cashier will be sold at the same price, will inevitably cause confusion in the internal management of the mall and economic losses, leading to the return of goods and claim claims, the reputation and economic interests of manufacturers, shopping malls and printing manufacturers will be subject to Serious loss.
In March 1995, the National Barcode Quality Inspection Center proposed to improve the bar code printing quality in order to ensure the export of goods and promote the process of domestic commercial automation management at the bar code quality analysis conference held in Kunming. It is necessary to strengthen enterprise management and strictly implement the bar code national standards. Resolutely put an end to non-standard designs, production, and use. Barcode technical indicators should be included in the order contract. Strictly control the design, production, purchase, finished product inspection and other aspects, strengthen training, establish and improve the bar code quality supervision and guarantee system. Printing barcodes shall be submitted to the Center of Subsidiary of the China Article Numbering Center for “Barcode Printing Qualification Accreditation Application Form” to obtain the province's barcode printing qualification certificate, and strictly in accordance with the national standard GB/T14258-1993 “Checking the Quality of Barcode Symbol Printing”. Production and inspection.
The bar code film received by the printing house for the printing bar code is preferably the original film to ensure the accuracy and uniqueness of the bar code. If the copy is made after several times of copying, it will inevitably cause an increase in the printing size error, and the barcode printing will be unqualified and result in loss. Printing manufacturers can not reduce the bar code size at will, because the smaller the magnification factor, the smaller the allowable error range of the corresponding printing, resulting in the bar code size error. The height of the bar code symbol should not be easily truncated, otherwise it will reduce the decoding probability, affect the reading speed and multi-directional scanning reading effect. To ensure that the size of the blank area is sufficient, if the size of the blank area on the left and right sides of the barcode is not enough, the barcode scanner cannot correctly determine the start or the end of the barcode symbol so that it cannot be scanned and read. To print a bar code on a transparent or reflective material, it is best to print a blank piece of white as an empty color, and then print a dark bar on this white piece to prevent the scanner from reading it. To ensure that the reflectivity (ie, print contrast) of the strip color and the blank color in the bar code symbol is acceptable, the selection and matching of the blank color in the bar code symbol should also be noted. The print contrast is an important indicator for judging whether or not the bar code can be correctly read. The printing position of the bar code symbol shall be printed in accordance with the provisions of the national standard GB/T14257-1993 "Universal commodity bar code symbol position", and the bar code symbol shall be printed on the location where the scanner can read it. When printing large quantities of barcoded product packaging, the printing factory must first conduct bar code printing suitability test before printing, and then sample according to the national standard GB2828, send it to the local barcode quality testing department for inspection. To ensure the bar code printing quality.
The print quality of bar code symbols is very important for bar code reading. Product barcode system members and printers of printing bar code marks should closely cooperate with each other. According to the ISO9000 series of international standards, gradually establish and improve bar code quality assurance system. Barcode quality management runs through all aspects of coding, design, printing, inspection, and supervision. It ensures the accuracy, uniqueness, and specificity of bar codes in platemaking and printing to ensure the quality of bar codes and promote the application and development of bar code technology. We will vigorously develop the commodity economy, increase social and economic benefits, and enhance the competitiveness of printing companies in the market.

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