Lanzhou Site developed a new type of high temperature anti-corrosion resin

After years of research and development, HGGP-1 high-temperature corrosion-resistant resin has been used in large-scale petroleum, petrochemical, electric power, and non-ferrous metallurgical industries.
HCGP-1 is a new type of heavy anti-corrosion material with high temperature resistance, acid resistance, and alkali resistance, and it can be used for a long time in harsh environments. As a modified epoxy resin and an unsaturated monovalent hydroxy acid-containing addition polymerization product containing a double bond, there are advantages of both polyester and epoxy resins, and therefore, HCGP-1 has good adhesion and physics to metals. Mechanical properties, excellent corrosion resistance to various media, can be easily applied under various conditions and meet the design requirements for coatings and coating structures, and can be used as a substitute for corrosion under conditions where the use temperature is lower than 200°C. Alloys, titanium, stainless steel, PTFE liners, enamel glass, and graphite equipment greatly reduce the one-time investment in equipment.
This kind of paint product developed by Lanzhou Site Innovation Co., Ltd. has been continuously improved, the performance is more superior, especially the temperature resistance performance is better than similar foreign products, and has the advantages of good process performance, room temperature curing, non-toxicity, high bonding strength, etc. Welcomed by users.

Pressing/Round Tableware

Material: Glass

Color: plain white or with decal

Classification: Opal Glassware Pressing Series

Our opal glassware is milk-color,odourless,breakage-proof,heat-resistant, microwave-safe,easy-wahsing etc. They can be used in microwave oven and dish-washer. What`s more, it is stronger than ceramics and it can bear radical temperature variation and is healthy to people.

Nowadays the opal glassware is considered as the newest substitutes for traditional ceramics. They are very popular as houseware, hotel supply and gifts. Welcome domestic and foreign customers to cooperate with us. We can offer you good quality with competitive price and upmost service.

Pressing/Round Tableware

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