5-claw clamp quickly opens PET mold

The 5-claw clamps are connected to an auxiliary hydraulic system to ensure quick opening and closing of the molds and have an excellent clamping effect of the PET mold clamping system.
The core of each MacPET's high-performance pre-molding production system is an injection molding machine based on the typical Engel series jaw gripper. Equipped with a rapid loop consisting of a PET injection molding special module that applies a specific pressure on the injection surface. The MacPET series consists of five sizes of clamp clamp machines with clamping forces ranging from 2500 to 5000 kN. These machine specifications have 32 cavity, 48, 64, 72, and 96 cavity molds, respectively.
The combination of the 5-claw clamp and the auxiliary hydraulic system not only ensures quick opening and closing of the mold, but also has a very strong clamping capability of the PET mold clamping system and smooth mold handling performance. The efficient operation of the machine can be controlled by an energy-saving hydraulic system. There are four variable speed drive pumps with servo control function in the energy-saving hydraulic system to control the rotation of all the screws.
The injection unit not only has a space-saving design, but also has a screw stop. In addition to ensuring a smooth melting process, it also has high plasticizing properties.
The economical and efficient performance of a PET pre-forming machine largely depends on the die-removal system. In such fast-loop applications, the pre-molding after die-releasing is still hot, because it is too soft to be put on the belt immediately. Therefore, the application of the Engel line automatic control device to the integrated refrigeration system connector on the MacPET machine is coordinated. Before being pre-formed and placed on the conveyor belt, they are first attached to a rotating machine and their mold-releasing operation is preformed. Then, the mold-removing molds are pre-formed one by one to be cooled and placed on the conveyor belt without any danger.
Engel automatic control system and machine control system fully integrate and share the same control board. Not only is it easy to operate, but it also keeps the necessary data exchange time to a minimum, when the ideal combination of different interfaces, in turn, will accelerate the cycle time.
Engel is the sole manufacturer of the world's largest injection moulding machine and a leading manufacturer of plastic processing machinery. Today, Engel Group provides all the necessary technologies for plastics processing: thermoplastic plastic and elastomer injection molding machines, molds and automatic control equipment, including the completion and sale of a single component unit.

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