U.S. Develops Protective Gaskets with Good Venting Properties

Recently, PactiuCorp developed and produced two new packaging materials with excellent air permeability for packaging containers, namely Microfoam and AsTo-FoamORCA, which are all made of composite materials. It is characterized by good ventilation. The two protective liner sheets are particularly suitable for use in merchandise boxes that require venting for shipment and are designed to remain mobile for long periods of time.
According to the company's relevant personnel, the air-permeable sheet has better crack resistance, longer properties, higher friction coefficient and softness than similar products, which is extremely beneficial to operation and easy to use. Particularly suitable for wood and commodities that require greater scratch resistance. Astro-Foam is a sheet composed of a PP foamable substrate, a PE film, and a LDPE film composite material, and is another air-permeable cushioning material. Both materials are protective liner materials that can "breathe".

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