Nanjing's first bottle of wine stuck on the "warning sticker"

Put a warning sign on the bottle to prohibit alcohol? Just a little surprise! Can this wine be bought? The owner of Nanjing Pasta Bar told reporters: "Can sell!"

The Nanjing Traffic Police’s new initiative to eliminate alcohol and alcohol in the country – the wines sold in nearly 100 bars across the city, have all been labeled “alert stickers” since the beginning of the day, and they have refused to sell liquor to drivers who drink at the store.

For such an alcohol-free activity, Gao Xuanzheng, deputy chief of the Mobile Division of the Nanjing Traffic Management Bureau, stated that in drunk driving cases investigated and investigated, many drivers used to drink at a bar before driving. The mobile brigade designed such a “warning sticker” that could shine and was affixed to the bottle of wine sold in nearly a hundred bars across the city, prompting the driver to “drink without driving and drink without driving”. It is reported that the Nanjing traffic police posted warning signs on the bottles, which is still the first in the country.

After the “warning stickers” began trial in some bars in Nanjing at the end of June this year, they were welcomed by customers and bosses. As the largest wine distributor in Nanjing, Gao Jian, chairman of Nanjing Huihao Jiuyun Food Co., Ltd., introduced that after 2 months of implementation of the “alert sticker”, the sales of wine in 8 bars such as A8 bars and past bars were the same as the previous two months. There is also a slight increase.

At the same time, according to statistics from the Mobile Brigade of the Nanjing Traffic Management Bureau, the rate of night traffic accidents on the routes near the eight bars has dropped by nearly 40% from the previous two months.

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