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“The luxury collection is not the same as the collection of brands, luxury goods need to have a certain value-added value, it can rise to the level of the collection.” Cui Shaosong told reporters this way, if you use the collection to determine whether the perfume bottle has a collection value, then Consider whether it is limited to sale, from which gate, historical time and its manufacturing process.

The perfume bottle exhibition organized by Panjiayuan exhibited a total of 1,850 perfume bottles. The perfume bottle on the perfume bottle exhibition was mainly from the Cui Shaosong of the Chinese Collectors Association. This year was the second perfume bottle exhibition held by Cui Shaosong. In 20 years, he collected more than 4,000 perfume bottles from Britain, France, Italy, Japan and Switzerland. Cui Shaosong said that the current domestic collectors of perfume bottles have barely been found, and the country lacks a trading platform for perfume bottles. However, collecting perfume bottles is indeed an interesting thing and it is very fashionable in foreign countries.

A Sisley's "Night Retreat" is one of Choi's many perfume bottles. Diana's favorite perfume brand is his life. It has a half-length female figure and is very honorable. After Diana enters the British royal family, the manufacturer replaces the statue on the bottle with gold plating, so her worth has risen with the celebrity effect. More than a decade ago, Cui Shaosong spent more than 2,000 yuan in Japan to buy an ordinary flavor of Sisley.

200 years ago perfume bottle starting at 3200 yuan

An 1810 British sterling silver crystal water bottle was used as a treasure of the town store by Miss Huang. This was given to her by a foreign friend a few years ago. Since then she has become obsessed with collecting empty perfume bottles. This English sterling silver crystal water bottle, designed around 1810-1811 for the British noble ladies. A production commemorative mark on the bottle cap indicates that this perfume bottle was produced by a British manufacturer. The verification location is in Chester, UK. The widest part of the bottle is 7.5 cm in diameter, including the built-in cork, which is a pure silver bottle. The plug weighs 21.8 grams. The cap of the perfume bottle is hand-carved from sterling silver and is very gorgeous. This perfume bottle, which was produced about 200 years ago, has been worn out for a long time. The bottle has some wear and tear. Ms. Huang finally gave it an auction starting at 3,200 yuan.

Ms. Huang said that most perfume bottle collectors are abroad, and her collection of hobbies is only cultivated after going abroad. She said that few people in China are concerned about the collection of perfume bottles, so I heard friends say that Beijing is very excited about holding perfume bottles.

Silver perfume bottle caps the ancient history

Ms. Wen Xiangshi, in fact, through a perfume bottle can also be seen a woman's taste. Ms. Huang, who has lived in Victoria, England for many years, recently heard a message sent to her by a friend. Pan Jiayuan organized an exhibition of perfume bottles. Friends said that large and small perfume bottles from different countries and brands were displayed at the show. It is huge. This news made Ms. Huang very excited. She said she hopes she can catch up with the tail of the exhibition when she visits her relatives at the end of the month.

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