The evolution of ancient Chinese furniture

Han portrait stone. The painting is divided into two compartments. The owner of Shangge sat on several occasions, and the right one offered it. The left person holds the face and one person holds the bow. The lower left is an empty carriage, and the right is the two.

China's wooden furniture, like architecture, clothing and food, is a product of local folklore, showing its unique charm.

From the Spring and Autumn Period to the Han Dynasty, the Chinese ancients were sitting in the living quarters. For the ground, there is usually no need for a separate chair. Although there was a "bed" pictogram in the oracle bones of Shang Dynasty, the bed was not used by ordinary people at the time. The height of the furniture is also limited, based on the eye level when sitting on the ground, or based on the range of hands activities, neither high nor low. The earliest piece of furniture is a small square piece of bamboo, named "ç­µ". At that time, the ritual system was implemented in all aspects of secular life and became a so-called etiquette or ritual. In the custom of the ritual, the most formal thing is that the guest and the host are squatting, that is, squatting first, then sitting on the calf with the buttocks, called "squatting." "ç­µ" is the cushion when sitting. In the "The Book of Songs", the "giving it to you" is to ask the guests to sit down on the raft.

Sakamoto is the original seat, why it was listed in the furniture ranks, because it was later upgraded to a couch (wooden), or a "basket bed." In the portrait bricks of the Han Dynasty, such a low-lying couch was often painted, with single sitting and double sitting. The couch and the later bed are not one thing. With such a seat, of course, it is necessary to carry out the furniture that bears and places things. The original contract is "a few". This "several" word is not a simplified word, but a pictogram. The upper plate has vertical legs at both ends; there is also a plate sandwiched between the legs, which is "H" shaped. The rituals, wine utensils, etc. can be placed on the flat plate. The ancients called it "contracting a few" and "food a few", and also called "a few". The guest and the host sit in, can be placed in front of you, or can be placed behind. Putting it in front of you is like a small bench. If you are tired, you can fall down. The ones behind you are curved, similar to the back of the ring chair, so you can lean back after sitting. Therefore, this is supported by several hoof feet.

It is for the sake of sedentary soothing body, so the ancient carriage is also standing. For example, in the tomb of the Six Dynasties in the Southern Song Dynasty, there were unearthed pottery carts with a few cars in the compartment. Combined with the square stool, it evolved into our current chair.

Tables and chairs and other high-foot furniture are the products of the folk custom of sitting on the ground. Some people have judged that Gaozuo furniture appeared in the Song Dynasty based on the cases and chairs on the "Piano Music Picture" drawn by Emperor Huizong of the Song Dynasty. This statement is wrong. When China's northwestern ethnic group entered the Central Plains since the two Jin and Northern and Southern Dynasties, the Buddhist culture affected the mainland. The old courtesy system and ritual customs in the Central Plains area were destroyed, making the sitting position greatly liberated, and it was possible to sit down and sit down. Sitting cross-legged), you can also "squat" (legs stretched forward, showing a skull shape). The original "Book of Rites" has the rule of "sitting on the shackles", and it is not allowed to sit like this. Moreover, from the image materials such as murals and portrait bricks left in the Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties, the statues of the Taoist characters are sitting on the Zen chair (Dalhuang Mogao Grottoes 285), the high stool (Longmen Lotus Cave), and the Hu bed (Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes 257 Grottoes) ) Contour furniture has already appeared.

Adding a foot under the "several" flat plate can be described as the mother of later generation furniture. If the flat plate is the starting edge, the short leg is added, and the light weight is taken as the "case". The tomb of Taiguan Chu in Xinyang County, Henan Province was once unearthed in kind. The case of Liang Hong and Meng Guang’s story is the case. The explanation in the dictionaries is "There are a few small ones, and the big ones are cases." This is based on the history of furniture for thousands of years. It must have been before the Han Dynasty. Otherwise, does Meng Guangkai have the power to do so? The table is indeed a high-quality product of "several". The case of later generations is actually a table. For example, the book is a desk. "Several" plus the box is the cabinet, there will be in the Han Dynasty.

Many of the furniture before the Han Dynasty in China can show the folk customs and rituals of the time. For example, the screens are usually placed in front of the bed or in front of the bed. The function of the windshield is very small. The murals of the Han Tomb in Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province, are painted on the couch with screens, so that the screen separates the waiter, highlighting the honor of the owner, and the custom of the furniture can be seen very clearly.

Chinese wooden furniture is also a fusion of local customs and customs. The bed is an example. The bed is not a bed in the general sense, but a chair that can be folded on the leather surface. It is similar to the current Mazar, but it is high enough for people to sit down. After the introduction of the bed into the Central Plains, it affected the high level of wood furniture, and also revealed the descendants, making the beds of later generations more complete.

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