Final bulk edible oil packaging source: used beverage bottles

Oil plastic bottles are mostly from waste stations

Citizens: Use of Waste Plastic Bottles

According to a report by Xijiang City Daily (reporter Zeng Yan), some readers have reported that in some vegetable markets in Quzhou City, most edible oil stalls contain plastic bottles for cooking oil. According to a reporter’s investigation in the past few days, people who came to buy bulk edible oil seldom brought their own containers. Shopkeepers often used recycled mineral water bottles or beverage bottles to sell bulk edible oil to consumers.

Old bottles originate from waste stations

The reporter then followed the source of the old bottle.

Since it was bought from the waste station, the reporter immediately found a waste collection station near the market in Beijing, asking about the use of these old waste plastic bottles. The owner of the waste collection station told the reporter that there have been some vendors in the vegetable market selling oil who have been looking for him and said that they would buy plastic beverages from him and bottled edible oils. The plastic bottles should look better, the bottle body should be intact, and the bottle caps must be sealed. Strong.

"The price of plastic beverage bottles is only two or three points for the market price. Sellers who sell oil are willing to pay a "high price" of 50%. Of course, I will sell it." The owner of the waste terminal will pick up some good bottles when he sorts the bottle at ordinary times. Come out and wait for the stall owner to pick up the goods.

The availability of plastic bottled oil is high, and some of the edible oil stall owners in the farms have followed suit and used the idea of ​​used plastic beverage bottles. For a while, the slightly better bottle of beverage began to tighten.

The boss of the waste collection station told reporters that some of the “small three-wheeled wheels” that had long used the street to collect waste products were seeing a profit, and they also took the waste bottle to the oil store to sell.

Plastic bottles lined up on a stall

On March 21st, the reporter went to the dry goods area of ​​the emerging food market. There were four or five edible oil stalls on the two sides of the entrance. The stand of the stalls was marked with peanut oil, soybean oil, and other original oil. In these edible oil stalls, there is a large aluminum barrel container for cooking oil, and a variety of bottled sample oils are placed next to the container. It is noteworthy that these sample oil containers are already used. Plastic beverage bottles, usually mineral water bottles, coke bottles, etc.

"Buy oil? Miss!" Before a stall, see the business door, the stall owner warmly greeted them. She told reporters that there are two types of bulk oil: peanut oil and rapeseed oil. If you bring your own container, you can charge it by the amount of pounds. If you do not bring containers, she can provide free plastic drink bottles. She also said that compared with the original oil, bulk oil prices are much cheaper, plus the convenience of carrying plastic drink bottles is provided free of charge, and sales have been good.

Is this bottle clean? When the reporter asked this question, the stall owner shouted out loud: "You can rest assured that the bottles were washed with clean water before loading the bottles!"

The reporter turned around in emerging markets and found that there were as many as seven or eight such stalls.

Afterwards, the reporter went to the Datong vegetable market again. At the end of the narrow trails, a variety of beverage bottles were piled up in disarray as a cooking oil stall. A little girl in her 10-year-old was kneeling on the edge and was busy tearing off the plastic bottle. Sprite, coke, mineral water and other beverage bottles are available. The little girl told reporters: "The bottles were bought from the waste collection station."

Where does bottled oil flow?

"After seeing this kind of bottle, I think that if someone else once talked to their mouth, they would feel sick. What would happen in the event of contracting a disease? It wouldn't be worth it to save a few dollars." In the emerging market, one is Ms. Liu, who is shopping, told reporters.

The average resident will not buy this oil, but in order to save money, many migrant workers will choose to buy it. In the emerging markets, a man who just bought oil told reporters that he rubbed gems at a nearby gemstone processing factory. His wages were only 40 yuan a day, knowing that buying such oil is unsanitary, but there is no way, because it is cheap. "A bottle of more than 5, can withstand. Like the original oil is too expensive, can not afford!"

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