Three high quality conveyor belt performance comparison

Conveyor material composition and weaving structure and corrugated board production line can best match, not only can improve the quality of cardboard and ensure the long-term stability of paperboard quality, but also can bring economic cost savings for the majority of manufacturers, eliminating the production line Many troubles.

The main function of the conveyor belt of corrugated production line is: conveying, drying and assisting in binding cardboard. Therefore, part of the conveyor belt production process has become one of the most critical processes for determining the quality of cardboard. The corrugated board production line and production process require three major characteristics of the conveyor belt:

Smooth surface and strong structure

The requirements of the conveyor belt are solid quality, high density, geometric stability, and surface insensitivity. In the long-term use, the conveyor can be kept flat, so that it is not easily affected by residual adhesives and other dirt, and the strong quality can also guarantee that the conveyor belt is not Off-line, the layer will not be uneven, so that the bonded cardboard will be even, smooth and more perfect, to avoid the appearance of corrugated or blisters and other undesirable quality phenomena. From the point of view of the process, the acupuncture belt and the cotton belt each have their advantages. The acupuncture belt is mainly produced by synthetic acupuncture with the acupuncture process. The initial use of the surface is smooth and soft, which is favorable for the contact affinity between the surface and the cardboard, but the acupuncture The weakness of the belt is that the surface is too sensitive, it is easy to pull off the line, it is easy to be contaminated, and it is difficult to clean and maintain. The wear resistance is not strong enough, and the stretching geometry is not stable enough. The Xingjing high-speed cotton belt is mainly composed of cotton fibers and synthetic fibers and reinforced with high density. This ensures the quality and flatness of the belt, which significantly improves the wear resistance and long-term thermal stability.

Dry, breathable

The production process of adhesive paperboard requires that the conveyor belt must have the ability to absorb steam and evaporate moisture. Synthetic chemical fiber has poor hygroscopicity and dryness, but the needled belt made of synthetic fiber has higher porosity than that of cotton. Cotton woven belts, from this point of view, strengthen their moisture absorption and evaporation. The physical properties of the cotton fiber material will be more advantageous than the moisture absorption and drying properties of the chemical fiber. From the results of the relative test of absorption steam/evaporation moisture relative value test, the cotton conveyor belt was significantly higher than the needle conveyor belt. Taken together, Xingjing cotton belt is dry and more breathable.

Transfer tension cardboard

Requires transmission with greater density, abrasion resistance, and greater coefficient of friction; a large coefficient of friction, the same pressure required to send the pulling force is smaller, so as to reduce energy consumption, but also improve the belt and equipment life. Xingjing High Speed ​​Cotton Conveyor Belt Compared to ordinary conveyor belt, the surface friction coefficient increased by nearly 20%. The improvement of the friction coefficient is also beneficial to the conveyor belt itself without slippage, slipping, and the production performance is more stable. The high density of the cotton fabric ribbons also allows the surface to remain evenly flat, consistent, and geometrically stable when the production line is constantly changing and the width of the cardboard is adjusted.

It is based on the results of the above comprehensive analysis that the superior quality and performance of Xingjing High Speed ​​Cotton Conveyor Belt make it the preferred choice for more and more corrugated cardboard manufacturers. Guangzhou Xingjing Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., through many years of customer production and use of information feedback and its own continuous scientific research and investigation, starting from the harsh raw material selection, through advanced production technology and every worker's meticulous processing, Produce high-strength, wear-resistant, stable cotton belts. The average service life of Xingjing high-speed cotton belt is 25%-50% longer than that of ordinary belts, making the relative price per square meter much cheaper, reducing the losses caused by downtime, saving installation costs, and more importantly stabilizing. Improve cardboard production quality and save production energy consumption.

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